The Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketers

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I am always searching for what is the best website builder for affiliate marketing to ensure I can build my websites fast and easy.

A website builder suited for affiliate marketing is one that is easy to learn, with drag and drop editing, that has a what you see is what you get editor view, and of course, it needs to be cheap.

Below, you will see the list of website builders that I can suggest that are either free or at a reasonable price while considering how much time you will save so you can focus on other affiliate marketing tasks.

My Top 3 Choices

#1 WordPress

By far this is the most popular and flexible website builder you will find.

The flexibility is extremely impressive.

Used by millions of website developers around the globe for its simplicity and flexibility.

You can choose from thousands of free or purchased themes and plugins to customize your websites.

How to add a new theme in wordpress ScreenShot

WordPress recently introduced the Gutenburg editor that has made creating websites a whole lot easier.

Adding text, images, videos or files. Using a page or post block system, you can add your content with ease. No coding required.

You can also choose from thousands of free or premium themes that already have many features built into them.

This website is a WordPress website and I use a premium theme and builder plugin from Thrive that I will explain further down.

If you are new to building websites there will be a learning curve to figure out how to use WordPress Gutenburg or their classic builder.

I am a member of  Wealthy Affiliate and they helped me from the beginning with step-by-step instructions to get my first website running.

If you are planning to only create a basic blogging website then using the basic WordPress website builder will more than enough to create and manage your website.

Once you master the basics I am sure you will be creating full custom website masterpieces in no time.

You will be using a number of plugins to customize your website but try to keep the number of plugins under 5. Each additional plugin may decrease your website’s loading time that will impact your traffic.

There are alternatives to using the basic WordPress builder and will talk about those further down but first, let's look at a couple of other website builders that may meet your needs.

#2 Wix

Wix banner image with start here button

Wix has come a long way with their website builder platform. 

If you’ve seen the commercials, it is almost as easy, maybe not as fast as they show in the commercial.

You can click on items and add them to your page, drag and drop text areas, images or videos anywhere within your page in seconds.

The reason it may not be as fast as shown in the commercials is that they already had all their images and videos uploaded to the website builder library.

Other than having to create your own images, videos or any other type of media, Wix will have what you need to create an impressive looking website.

Although the Wix builder is a great website builder there is what I would call a downfall compared to WordPress and a deal breaker in my view.

The main downfall compared to WordPress is that Wix has a limited number of options.

You will have access to every tool you need but there may only be one choice of a tool which can limit how you customize your website.

WordPress virtually has a limitless amount of plugins you can choose from to fully customize your website.

The deal breaker for me though is the fact that you could never transfer your website to another web-hosting site when you use the Wix website builder.

The only way you could transfer your site to another web-hosting and web builder provider would be to copy and paste all of your content to the new website and then delete the content from the Wix website.

It would take you days to transfer all of your information then start all over to edit and rebuild your website, which will start you at level zero for your SEO and Google ranking.

I would say Wix is good if you want to create a quick and short term website for an event, or sharing images type of scenario.

Or it could also be good for a local business where you may only have 5 to 10 pages total and really don’t need to keep adding content.

With Wix, you can create and have your website up and running quickly for that need.

Personally, I wouldn’t use it for an affiliate marketing website. I still suggest WordPress with a website builder plugin over Wix website builder any day.

#3 GoDaddy

With GoDaddy, again you can create a website in minutes with their website builder platform.

It may not be as easy as Wix but it is a strong competitor.

GoDaddy suffers from similar downfalls and nightmares as Wix.

You will find all the tools and options you need to build an amazing looking website but again, you will have a limited amount of each tool or option you want to use on your website.

They do generally have cheaper pricing plans compared to Wix but you will still be stuck having to copy and paste all of your content should you ever want to move your website to another host.

GoDaddy is another website builder where I suggest you can use to create a short term website for events and photo sharing, or it can be a quick way for a local business to get their business online in minutes.

Personally, I still would not suggest using GoDaddy for an affiliate marketer as there will be a time where the limits on customization may hurt your ability to expand and grow your online business.

Top WordPress Builder Plugin

One of the easiest and reasonably priced website builder plugin that I can suggest is provided by ThriveThemes architect plugin.

I use Thrive for all my websites and I find so easy to use.

Like any other plugin or app, it can take a few minutes to understand how it works but they do have many video tutorials on how to use every feature that is available.

The tools are very intuitive so when you've used a feature once you will have no problem repeating the building process over and over again.

Similar to the builders on Wix and GoDaddy you can pick and choose what you want on your page or post, place them where you want and have it react the way you want.

No compromises and it still allows you to customize your WordPress website with as many other plugins you want as well.

That said, you do want to limit the number of plugins on your website as it can slow your loading speed down for each additional plugin.

With ThriveThemes, you can also subscribe to their membership platform that will provide you with a number of other tools that integrate well with their themes and architect website builder. 

WordPress Thrive Theme Dashboard ScreenShot

The membership allows you to use their quiz builder, opt-in windows, apprentice to create online courses, sticky banners, and other widgets to name a few tools.

Here's their full list:

  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Optimize
  • Thrive Themes
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Clever Widgets
  • Headline Optimizer
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Thrive Comments

Now that I have used ThriveThemes for a year it has worked well with no glitches. I only needed to contact support one time for an issue with Thrive Comments not working on one of my old websites and the support was great. I had things up and running again in minutes.

If you do plan to use a standalone website builder plugin like ThriveThemes, I recommend not to go too crazy on the customization. Sure you can do a few special customized landing pages like the home page and maybe some PPC landing pages but I wouldn't go too wild all over your website.

I suggest this for the reason should you decide to no longer use ThriveThemes or the business closes down you will end up having to do a whole lot of editing if all your pages and posts used a lot of custom tools.

Keep the majority of your pages and posts basic so that if you do discard ThriveThemes you may only need to spend a day editing your website to flow well again.

Best WordPress Hosting Site

Using a WordPress plugin like ThriveThemes is awesome but you still need to have your website hosted somewhere.

This is where I will suggest not only choose a platform that hosts websites but use one that also has other tools, training and support all in one place at a competitive price.

I use a web hosting platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read more about why I suggest signing up to a web-hosting site with training, support, and other tools by reading my blog here.

Here is a short video to explain how Wealthy Affiliate Works.

To give you a quick snapshot here is what you get at Wealthy Affiliate on top of hosting your WordPress website.


Once you become an affiliate marketer you will learn how important it is to create awesome content and spend less time getting that content on the internet for the world to see as quickly as possible.

That is why I believe the best website builder for affiliate marketers is WordPress website that is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate with a plugin from ThriveThemes.

I'm not even affiliated with ThriveThemes but I like their website builder so much I want to ensure people are aware of this option and take full advantage of all that they offer.

Have you ever used any website builders? Let me know in a comment below if you have or not, I would love to hear about it.

Have any questions or comments Please leave them below and I always respond.

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AV2001 - April 5, 2019

Hey Paul,

I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on Website Builder for Affiliate Marketers. All of these platforms are pretty robust and versatile, but from my perspective, I tend to think that WordPress is the best. It is very flexible and sophisticated when it comes to security, plugins, and hosting services.

Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work Paul!

    Paul - April 5, 2019

    I certainly do believe that WordPress is the best website builder to be using.  

    I really don’t like the limits in feature options on the other builders and the fact you can’t move your website to another web-host is a deal breaker for me. 



ajibola40 - April 5, 2019

Nice article there on the best website builder for affiliate marketers. I like the fact that you explain everything that is needed to explain on each website builder. Before now I only make use of WordPress and am so familiar with it to the extent that I don’t try to make use of another web builder. Reading this article I wish to try out the features other website builders in which I will do when building my next website. I really find this article informative and educative 

    Paul - April 5, 2019

    WordPress is a powerful website builder on its own but I really like how easy ThriveThemes makes website building so much easier and faster.



ODavid - April 5, 2019

Thank you very much for this enlightening write-up. It came timely as I intend creating my own website for marketing. However, I wish that you would write a follow-up article, a step by step guide on the process of creating a website using WordPress from start to finish. Thank you

    Paul - April 5, 2019

    That is a great suggestion and I touched on some parts about setting up SEO in WordPress. As for a real step-by-step training on how to build a website in WordPress I am happy to say that there is training like that at Wealthy Affiliate where I will be there with you if you have any questions.



Eden - April 5, 2019

WordPress is great because of all the themes you can choose and also the number of plugins available. It allows you to build a website to be proud of and the best it can be, by having quick loading times. It works well with Wealthy Affiliate and like you say, WA really helps you to build the website in affiliate marketing. At the start with the Gutenburg editor, it was not easy to add images, but now it is and I have got used to using it, it is a great update. 

I have used Wix many years ago for a photography website I set up, but it does not offer all the options like WordPress. 

    Paul - April 5, 2019

    When you don’t know about WordPress then platforms like Wix and GoDaddy are ok for websites like a personal photo website. It’s unfortunate that there really isn’t any advertisement for WordPress like there is for sites like Wix.

    I remember wanting to start an online business years and years ago. I saw an add for Wix and tried it out but soon realized I had no idea how to get people to visit my website.

    It wasn’t until I landed at Wealthy Affiliate and they provided step-by-step training to build a WordPress website and get it set up so that people searching on Google will find my website.




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