The People Who Follow This Training Will End Up With Your Money

That is what happened to me!

I waited, I procrastinated, I made every excuse possible for why I shouldn't try to find what is the best way on how to make money online.

So, because I waited other people have started an online business of their own and probably took customers that could potentially could have been mine. 

It all started about ten years ago. I saw this story on television where this couple started a blog to help others find the best type of food in their area. 

The couple moved to a new country to teach English as a second language. When they moved there, they had a difficult time finding a type of food that they enjoyed eating. 

After living there for a few months to a year, they had a good understanding where the best restaurants can be for various types of foods, so they decided to start a blog to help others in the same situation.

Key To Success

Their blog site was nothing special, especially back then as it was much harder to create a website.

They had the necessary information about restaurants where they provided descriptions of food, the addresses, and contact information.

The couple eventually started doing videos with the only expected outcome to help people with something they had difficulty with when they first moved there.

In time their website and videos became very popular, not only for newcomers but the local culture as well.

It didn't take long for their site to have increased traffic so they decided to see if they could make money with it while they were at it.

That is where affiliate marketing came in.

Most people think of Amazon when it comes to affiliate marketing, but there are thousands of other companies out there that have affiliate programs.

Even the restaurants they blogged about would provide affiliate commissions should people visit their restaurants and said they learned about the restaurant from that blog.

Flash forward a few years after that report, and I was still not doing anything with that piece of information.

There were probably others that saw that report and did something about it. I probably helped them make money while I surfed through their websites.

I continued wasting my time watching useless "Fail" or "Best of" videos.

Wake Up Call!

Until one day, while I was internet surfing...again, I landed on a website quite similar to this one.

It was a website created by John where he told a very similar story.

John explained how he heard about others making money online but wasted time to play around online without any purpose or goal. 

Then one day he was researching about an opportunity someone presented to him. 

An opportunity to join an MLM!

It was presented to him by a family member, so he wanted to see if anybody had any experience with that MLM before signing up. 

John ended up landing on a site similar to this one that explained how that MLM / Network Marketing / Pyramid type of scheme worked.

It didn't take John very long to see how that MLM was not for him and was so pleased to have found a site that explained that particular company and its scheming ways.

That website didn't stop there though; it offered John another opportunity.

John Went For It!

He was offered a free option to learn about affiliate marketing here.

No upfront fees to access, no need to provide any credit information, no risk.

If it wasn't John's cup of tea, he could walk away without any worries his credit card will be billed because he never gave that information when signing up.

John signed up to that opportunity that day, and 10 years later he is not looking back as affiliate marketing is all he does. 

It is important to note that John started with the Free training and ran his online business for free but it didn't take him long to decide that if he wanted to take his business to the next level, he would need to pay for some premium tools and supports.

I Finally Snapped Out of "Internet Surfinitis"

I'm sure "Internet surfinitis" is a real term.

I did the same thing when I read John's website about a subject unrelated to affiliate marketing. 

It reminded of that story about the couple starting their own blog and making money online.

Now 3 years later, there is no looking back.

My online business may not be as successful as John's, but I am earning an online income which supplements my current job.

Is This Your Opportunity?

I believe life always presents you with winning opportunities; it's just a matter of knowing when they are in front of you.

You can now close this blog and move on to another site, wasting time and opportunities while this site alone will generate income for me as other readers come along and are curious enough to see how affiliate marketing works.

Those that decided to take the free training will end up with your money.

All you have to do is click on the join now button below, sign in with your email address and I will be there to greet you. 

What Will It Be?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!  Zig Ziglar

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I have been working from home and making an amazing living for over 8 years. I started affiliate marketing about 3 years ago. If you would like to learn how to work from home and earn money as an affiliate please hit the subscribe button on the bottom of the page. Paul

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Jordan - December 18, 2018

Great tips as usual!

It’s so important to not get caught in that surfing only mode. You can study internet marketing and the theory of it until your worn out, but without action nothing will ever come of it. Affiliate marketing takes a lot longer to start earning than other things, like selling on Shopify or freelancing, but it has an AWESOME long term payoff! 

Keep up the good work! 

    Paul - December 18, 2018

    Exactly, you need to put in the work, you need to take action at some point. The other thing to remember that these online opportunities are not get rich quick scams. You do have to work at it, create quality content, and help your readers find the answer to their questions or problems. Once you repeatedly help others, your site will gain popularity, gain in the search engine rankings, which in turn can provide your appropriately described AWESOME long term, passive income!



Nuttanee - December 28, 2018

Ha ha, everyone who started trying to work online was introduced to the MLM/Net work marketing. I was introduced by NPUSA, Amway and buzzolute (oh wait a minute that is also AMWAY!) They all sell us this unrealistic beliefs that you can make a passive income and have that “FINANCIAL FREDOM”. I came to my attention one day that wait a minute the people that is higher rank than me have been working non stop all day every day and also have to stocks the products? What am I thinking? Was I stupid? I snapped out of it. Now I start slow and steady, trying to do SEO. We will see where this leads me. Good story about the couple.

Happy Holidays

    Paul - December 28, 2018

    There are so many distractions out there that promise to let you make money quickly like MLMs. I think we are hardwired to fool ourselves into thinking that instant wealth from little work can happen to us. Another faith most people fall into is reading and learning about real ways to succeed at something but then go back to our usual ways. Not taking action! I really do hope those who read this post is start taking action. What really worked for me was taking the task based training at Wealthy Affiliate. Those tasks really helped me stay on track with training and starting my website.

Grace - December 28, 2018

So true! When presented with the same opportunity, some people seize it immediately while others just choose to remain inaction. 

A lot of people are attracted to quick cash, they want instant result and ended up easily scammed. When we are too focused on short term earning, we tend to forgot about the importance of having long term goal.

Thanks for showing us this legit opportunity! As long as we are on the right path, it is only a matter of time before we see success. The most difficult part is always taking the first step to say ‘I am in!’

    Paul - December 28, 2018

    Many are guilty of wanting the fast cash and so we are vulnerable to getting caught up into scams. Affiliate marketing can take some time to grow and takes work to get it up to the point of being profitable but the long term gain is well worth it. The hardest part is doing all that work and not getting any cash in return for months, so it feels like you are working for free, that is a difficult path for many to take. The longer one waits, the longer it will take to get to their goal of havinga passive online income.


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