Why This Mom Quit Her Day Job – Read This Before Quitting Yours

She had enough!

Every day it was the same job, same boss, with little reward. Sounds familiar?

She wanted to learn how to work from home for Mom!  Not for her boss.

It was a wonderful idea but, could she really pull it off?

Who was this woman?

 Let's call her Meghan Markell for lack of a better imagination.

How could Meghan Markell quit her job, she had bills to pay, and family to support.

The internet searches began only to land her on get rich quick schemes that sounded too good to be true and no concrete information provided unless she dished out some cash up front.

At wit's end, about to give up on the possibility of ever being able to quit her job Meghan landed on a blog just like this one.

Could this be a legitimate opportunity?

Further reading of that blog provided some basic information on the potential this online business opportunity could provide.

It didn't go into detail at that level but it did provide some basic understanding of how to start an online business.

Intrigued, Meghan delved further and further, surprised to see that she learned more and more on the subject of affiliate marketing.

More information than she ever has read over all those years searching.

In a nutshell, here is what Meghan learned about affiliate marketing.

  • Choose a Niche
  • Create a Website
  • Get Traffic to Your Site
  • Earn Income Online

Affiliate marketing sounded simple enough but where could she get started?

How does she choose a niche, build a website, get traffic, and ultimately collect an income?

Before Meghan would get that answer, an important notice was provided.

Listen up...the hard thruth!

It stated that this opportunity is not a get rich quick, one click and become rich online doing nothing type of scam.

This opportunity would take some time and work.

In general, people would only start seeing an online income in 3 to 6 months, and that also depends how hard you work at it.

Still skeptical she wondered if that was just another tactic to get her money but now they are making her work for it too.

Then Meghan found out that she can sign up for FREE, no credit or personal information required. 

Well then, doesn't that sound reasonable? 

You can try out that same FREE platform by clicking ==>HERE!

I'll be there to help once you sign in.

Once Meghan signed up to try out that FREE training platform she was impressed with the wealth of information and support that was available.

Here is an image of the training platform dashboard

Go Ahead and Click on any of them to learn more

WA_Level 1

Clicking on the Training tab on the menu gave her the option to start the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” course, level 1. A training best for beginners to understand and start their affiliate marketing online business. The course consists of 10 lessons all with documentation and videos...all for FREE!

As she completed each lesson there were tasks that needed to be completed in order to build a website and get traffic to her site...she was ecstatic as she never created a website before. I believe her original website was called meghanmarkel.com?

Ok, maybe it wasn't that, but it was as easy as typing a name she thought of in the search engine below to see if it is available. Why not give it a try yourself.

Here she was now a few minutes, maybe an hour into the lessons and she already had a website built...did I mention she did all of this for FREE?

Once the website foundation was created she learned all about the stuff people don't see on the back end of the website.

All this background information or metadata setup is important to get her website ready for search engines.

The lessons provided further information on how having the proper settings on a website can help bring that website to the front page of search engines.

Notice I said help, not to ensure, to get your site on the first page. Having the right settings is important but as she went through the lessons she understood the key role for keyword research and quality content.


Going through the lessons wasn't all happy smiles and rainbows.

There were times Meghan was getting stuck, creating menus was one area where she got stumped and was not able to figure it out on her own.

Well, it didn't take more than a couple of minutes to get help and assistance using the 24/7 live chat. There she can ask a question and there are thousands of members that can provide her with the help and guidance she needed to get her menus setup and move on with her training and website development.

Check out the snapshot she was able to view within the platform==>


Online Business Up and Running

Now Mehgan had her online affiliate marketing business up and running and it didn’t cost her a cent!

She continued to add content to her website, Google, and Bing index her site and she was on her way at getting traffic to her website.

To her surprise, it only took her 7 days to get to that stage and she could see the awesome potential to earn an online income just from the beginner training she completed.

The online fever was in her system and she wanted more...but now that 7 days have gone by some of the free features were no longer available. Some features like the live chat were limited to 7 days.

Meghan can continue to manage her website but there was so much more training available.

Would it be worth paying for the extra training in hopes to boost her online business to new heights?


Her current website was coming along well and really didn’t need to change over to a Premium membership to access the live chat, 40 some more lessons and access to weekly live webinars.

Seeing that her online affiliate business model was working with the free membership with limited resources one could only wonder what could be done with the available paid resources.

Going Premium

It wasn't hard for her to decide...it only made sense to go Premium and take advantage of all the tools to multiply her success.

Now Meghan was able to host up to 50 websites and use the powerful and essential keyword search tool. 

Already have a solid foundation in online business she was now able to take that business model, repeat it, and multiply her earnings.

With time, she was able to make just as much money with her online business than she did with her job and before long she quit her job.

Now Meghan could be just like all of the other success stories she has read


Running her online business meant she was able to be home with her children, have more time with the family, no more commuting. 

Having a flexible schedule, a schedule she controlled meant she could spend quality time with the family during the day, and when the kids were in bed in the afternoon or evening, she would work on her online business, all from the comfort of her home.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Let me recap what happened to Meghan Markel.

  • Search The Internet
  • Landed on a Website Just Like This One
  • Took a Chance and Tried Out the Free Training Platform==> This One
  • Followed the Training and Tasks
  • Created Her Online Affiliate Website
  • Get Traffic to Her Site and Started Earning Income 
  • Went Premium and Boosted Her Online Business
  • Quit Her Job and Manages Her Online Business From Home

All that to say you can have a successful online affiliate business like Mehgan if you take action today.

You don't have to take a big jump and quit your job now but it there is no risk to look at this training and hosting platform like Meghan.

Join The #1 Recommended Online Training Platform!

Come and see why Wealthy Affiliate has one of the largest affiliate marketing communities with over 1,400,000 members.

I'll See You There!​​​​​​

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.  Zig Ziglar

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Cheryl - August 21, 2018

Hi Paul, If I hadn’t already been a member of WA at the beginning of this great post I most certainly would have been by the time I was at the end. You drew me in hook, line and sinker and sold Wealthy Affiliate to me.

This post is so full of great information and you just have to keep reading to find out just how Meghan got on. I really enjoyed this post and would have no hesitation in sending people to read it if they are unsure about joining.

    Paul - August 27, 2018

    Thank you for your supportive words, Cheryl. I believe it is important to learn something every day and if we can throw a little humor in it makes the process that much easier. I am so pleased that you have already found Wealthy Affiliate and it’s always a pleasure to see how your journey is progressing to great heights.


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