Turn Your Computer Into a Money Making Machine…Legally!

Is your computer mainly being used to watch hours of YouTube videos and reading Tweets for hours a day?

You can use that computer to make money online instead of wasting hours of your day looking at stuff with little reward.

Today I Will Teach You How To Make Money With Your Computer From Home 1

Now I'm not talking about you printing money with your printer. I've tried that, when I was really young...my parents weren't fooled, but I'll keep that story for another day.

One thing I've learned over the years is that 2 there is no such thing as easy money. If it came easy there is usually a catch somewhere down the line that will get you in the end.

I am talking about using this amazing tool called a computer, laptop, tablet, or whatever it is you use for accessing the internet to create an online product that can help people.

Once you create that product to help people then you are going to be able to earn an income from that product.

Now hold on here, you don't need to go to the hardware or craft store to create this product.

I'm talking about using your coconut, the thing attached at the top of your neck that has all types of information and experiences in it. 

Then taking that knowledge to share with the world.

Share Your Knowledge And Get Paid

You're probably wondering how you can get people to pay you money for things you know.

It's actually quite easy...you blog about it.

You can blog about anything and you can be certain there is an audience for it.

I suggest you blog about something that interests you like a hobby or a subject that interests you so much it can keep you awake at night because how excited you are about that topic.

Here's an example, take a look at this website.

I think about affiliate marketing and help people with their affiliate marketing businesses every day.

Naturally, I created a website and blogs about affiliate marketing.

You may have a whole other interest. When I started I didn't know much about being an affiliate marketer so it wasn't a natural choice at that time.

Instead I blogged about working from home. It was easy to come up with blog subjects and sharing of knowledge as I already had years of experience working from home.

Only You can choose what you want to write about.

I don't recommend doing what other affiliate so-called gurus will tell you where they suggest finding a product first then just write about that.

Especially when you are starting out and not a seasoned blogger or writer.

Staring to blog can be difficult and many people quit because they find it too hard and lose interest, especially if it is about something they are not passionate about.

You need a topic that will keep your interest and to motivate you.

You certainly don't want this to feel like another job. The idea is to get away from working another job. You want to start a true online business with real income.

So think about what topic you want to write about and jot it down.

OK, you have your topic, now how do you make money by writing about it?

Converting Your Knowledge Into Cash

I wish I can say that each word you write converts to a dollar in cold hard cash but that is not how affiliate marketing works.

You will earn an income by referring people to a result, not a product.

That's right a result, not a product...I'll explain.

Let's say the topic you will write about is water skying.

You're website has blogs about how to get started in the sport as a beginner to techniques for advanced users. Please forgive me if some terms I use are not appropriate for that sport as I am not a water skier and have never tried it in my life...on my bucket list.

How bout we focus on blogs for water skiing for beginners. You may suggest they use a specific type of ski or board, type of rope, how long it should be, type of boat or engine size that is needed, and how to tie the rope to the boat.

I'm sure if water skying is your sport you will found hundreds of topics to talk about just under the category for beginners.

So as I mentioned you might write about a specific ski or board. You may suggest a few and give your opinion which one is the best in your view. 

In other words you may be providing a product review but instead of focusing on the product you are focusing on the RESULT.

The result being that if the reader is new to the sport of water skying the result will be that they will succeed at at this sport by using the tips and PRODUCTS you described in your blog.

I believe you may be starting to get the idea I am suggesting!?


There are thousands of bloggers out there that have websites that only have product reviews.

Guess what? People are not interested in reading a catalogue with a list of products where someone describes a product and says that product A is the best just because they wrote it.

People prefer to read blogs that are providing them with the knowledge they need to get the result.

If there are products you suggest that will give them that result then they are more likely to follow your links to the recommended products and purchase that product.

Then when that happens, if you have an affiliation with the company that makes or sells that product then you earn a commission.

Voila! You just turned your knowledge into CASH!

Earn Money While You Sleep

If you can grasp the importance of selling the result, not the product, then you can succeed at earning an income online, a passive income.

You have to remember that once you post your blog onto your website, that blog stays on there for as long as you leave it there.

People can access your blog 24/7 for 365 days year. Access it while you sleep.


Do you know how powerful your computer is when it comes writing a blog  and posting it on your website?

Think about, your website is accessible 24/7 and 365 days per year by over 3.2 Billion people.

Did you see that big number 3.2 Billion people, half of the worlds population are online.

Lets say a small percentage of online readers have an interest in your subject.

Let's go with a really small percentage like 0.1%, that is still 3.2 Million people interested in your subject that access the internet every day.

If we use online statistics to compare as having a mall where you get 3.2 million people coming through every day.

If you had a store in that mall, online statistics would say you can get up to 12% of those customers to buy something from your store.

That would mean you can have over 38 thousand customers buy something from your store. 

Let's put that into perspective, when it comes to online affiliate marketing, it ends up being a percentage of a percentage.

If you get 3.2 million people searching for your topic, then only 12% of those see and are interested in your store, they buy something you get a percentage for each sale made.

If you refer people to buy the product from Amazon you can make between 6 to 10% commission depending on the product and volume you refer. Other affiliate can pay 20, 30, 60% or more for each referral.

Here ia an example of water skis you can buy on Amazon, you can click on it to see how it works.

If you were to buy one of those products listed I would earn a 6% commission, so about $10. Now it doesn't end there, lets say you decide to buy that $2000 gamer's laptop that you've been eyeing to buy for the past week...well I would get a commision for that sale as well, which would earn me another $120, Cha Ching!

 Anything that referred person buys from Amazon over the next 24hrs will earn you a commision from that one referral.

It can literally be a money making machine if you look at those numbers and the online market is only expected to grow over the next decade so it's never too late.

It Sounds AWESOME But Seems So Complicated

There is no need to worry. 

If you are new to creating and designing websites or working online then "yes" there is going to be a learning curve, but if I was able to do it so can you.

This is where I suggest the tools to get you to your expected RESULT.

That's right, I am going to suggest a training platform that you can join absolutely FREE.

You can have access to all the training listed below right away.

WA_Level 1

You won't have to provide any credit or personal information, so you don't need to worry about your credit card getting charged down the line. 

You can stay on as a FREE member forever without worrying about get charged as you never need to provide that information unless you decide to become a Premium member.

The learning platform I am going to suggest is so good that if affiliate marketing and blogging is something you are interested to pursue then you will likely want to upgrade to Premium.

Again, as I mentioned earlier I want you to get the result you were searching, to earn money from your computer from home.  

The platform that I am recommending (Click Here To Go Now) has helped me reach my expect results and I am confident it can do the same for you if you follow their training.

They will provide further details on how affiliate marketing works, give you step-by-step instructions on building your website, get your website optimized for search engines, and provide you 24/7 support if ever you get stuck along the way. 

Click the banner below to get the tools you need to get to your result.

Join My # 1 Recommended Training Platform

No Credit Information Required.

No Personal Information Required.

Risk Free


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I have been working from home and making an amazing living for over 8 years. I started affiliate marketing about 3 years ago. If you would like to learn how to work from home and earn money as an affiliate please hit the subscribe button on the bottom of the page. Paul

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Rachel - August 20, 2018

Paul’s advice is spot on. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a few months and he’s been a great mentor! I highly recommend you follow his blog.

    Paul - August 20, 2018

    Thank You, Rachel,
    You have the mindset and work ethic that will propel you to great success. In only a few months you have developed your online brand and understand that fundamentals of affiliate marketing. We are fortunate to have you as a Wealthy Affiliate member. Keep up the excellent work.
    I believe in you.

Rae Anne Pond - August 21, 2018

You did a fantastic job on this article. I love how you showed the good and the bad, a job vs passive income. And by the way, IS MY HEAD A COCONUT?????? LOL Just kidding. That had me laughing though. Seriously though, this article was very thorough and very attractive I could really see myself doing that if I wasn’t already. You drew me in and that isn’t easy. Great job!!

    Paul - August 27, 2018

    Hehehe…”Coconut” was the best term I could come up with at the time. I’m thinking my head works more like a coconut. Excited to see that you are already found a way to have your computer make money for you. Maybe you could share your experience here. Would love to hear your story.Paul

Tonia - August 21, 2018

Nice post! I cannot wait to start making money online!

    Paul - August 27, 2018

    I always like to quote Zig Ziglar, ” You don’t have to be great to start but you need to start to be great” I am always so excited to see people take that first step. As long you are taking steps then you are moving forward so I wish you all the best of luck and will be seeing you around Wealthy Affiliate.

Kavitha - August 27, 2018

Anyone who wants extra income or want to work from home can utilize this. You have shown a great way of income while sleeping! Thank you!

    Paul - August 28, 2018

    You bet! There is nothing more rewarding to know that people are visiting your website and following recommendations while you sleep. Starting an online affiliate business is an amazing way to earn a passive income. Please don’t forget to access the free training available at Wealthy Affiliate. I will be there to help you if, by chance, you have any questions.

Rama - August 28, 2018

Wow!!!! This is an amazing post. I am new at affiliate marketing and have found a bag full of knowledge just from this post! I have been feeling like I’m in over my head. Thank you for such an informative, step by step, how to- post!

    Paul - August 28, 2018

    This is only the beginning. You can still access the free step-by-step online affiliate training at Wealthy Affiliate. I will see you there.

Susie DelAguaro - August 29, 2018

What an excellent article Paul! I am new to online marketing and at times I have felt overwhelmed. Reading this article helped put me at ease and understand even more. I didn’t realize that about Amazon and the referral period over 24 hours. I am just getting into the level 3 (Making Money) of the OEC training. I have been looking at different affiliate programs, but think Amazon is a good way to go after reading this. You have been very helpful and I truly appreciate it. I can’t say enough good things about WA. The community is so helpful and the training you receive is amazing. I am going to do the Affiliate Bootcamp training when I am done with the OEC. Thanks again!

    Paul - August 30, 2018

    The Free training at Wealthy Affiliate is great but the training you can get as a Premium member is amazing. It’s no wonder that so many people become Premium members once they see that WA platform is a legitimate resource with real information and people there to help you.

Eric - August 31, 2018

Hey Paul! Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge, I look forward to all you have to offer. I am also an affiliate marketer and know that the platform that you are offering here is the best. I don’t get paid or rewarded for saying that. If you are reading this comment and wanting to join, don’t hesitate. Paul is leading you in the right direction! And the Premium is definitely the way to go! Thanks

    Paul - September 1, 2018

    Having the right training and support is an incredible asset in making an online business a success. Getting access to use a free training platform like Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate way to getting an online business started. Once you see the potential you are more than likely see the advantage of going Premium but there is no obligation. Chat with you later Eric.

Christina - August 31, 2018

Hi Paul, Right on with this advice! Affiliate Marketing has so much upside and allows people a platform to write about what they love, promote products and services they are passionate about and bring in some good revenue! I’m new to the affiliate marketing world but am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and their training is definitely the way to get up and running! They take a very foreign subject to most (SEO, keyword searches, etc) and make it very digestible to anyone who has access to a computer, not just advanced computer coding gurus! Keep up the great posts!

    Paul - September 1, 2018

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn affiliate marketing. My site will help you understand how affiliate marketing works from a higher level of understanding but Wealthy Affiliate gets down and dirty into the terminologies used in the online industry and helps you build your online business with step-by-step instructions. I’ll be sure to send you a PM and thank you for visiting.

Amer Azmi - October 3, 2018

Thanks for giving me a good idea of how to make money from home. Right now I’m starting to do some blogging on money making niche but kinda unsure if this goes as I’m expected or not. Listening to others said that involve in money making niche kinda hard since a lot of competitors. But, I love affiliate marketing and love to teach people since it’s a trait from my parent as a teacher. Anyway nice article. 🙂

    Paul - October 3, 2018

    You will always find a niche that will be very competitive but that does not mean you shouldn’t pursuit it? I think any niche where you are able to provide good quality knowledge and recommendations is worth pursuing. It may be harder to rank high but if you work at it and find a way that gets the message across in a different way than others are doing then you too will be a competitor to others. Keep up the great work!


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