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If you are starting out as an affiliate marketer with a limited budget you will need to learn how to create a logo for your website that will represent your brand perfectly.

Depending on your budget you can create your website logo for free using online logo generators or go all the way to hiring a professional service that can cost up to $5000 or more.

If this all sounds too vague then continue reading so you can review your options from free online applications to full-service professional logo designers and everything in between.

If you have a budget there is certainly a logo design solution to meet your needs.

I Learned all About This Stuff here.

First, we will start with understanding what you will need to know about your company, your brand before you start creating your logo.

Then you can review the options for free logo generator apps, then hiring someone to create it for you, and the last option is if you want to hire a professional company to design your logo for you.

What It Takes To Create Your Logo

Whether you decide to use a free service or a paid service you wills till need to identify what your logo should look like to ensure it perfectly represents your brand.

Here is a list of 3 things to consider when deciding what your logo should look like in order to correctly communicate your vision to your audience.


Understand Your Business

You will need to have a clear understanding of your business before you can expect your audience to know what you represent. Consider your company's values so that it too can be incorporated into your logo.

I used a shield and a dollar icon to represent a sense of authority within the affiliate marketing business but it also represents protection from all of the online scams that new affiliate marketers may encounter along their journey.

Only once you know the identity you want to represent will you be able to create your logo. If you decide to use a hired designer or a professional service then it will be easier to explain how you want to be portrayed by your logo.


Choose Your Brand Colour and Font

When choosing a color try to create one that has flexible color blends within the same design. In other words, you can create a logo with more than one color.

Use a combination of colors so that you can create a website using more than one accent color. 

Choosing a font is as important as color. People notice knockoffs quickly when a copycat company tries to use the same company name but their font is different.


That is why it is important to use consistent fonts throughout your whole marketing plan from your website to your social interactions.

I chose blue because according to the psychology of color it's associated with peace and reliability while providing a sense of security. It is a color commonly used by brands to promote trust.


Take Your Time

This is not a decision you need to rush through.

Many companies tend to jump to the first option presented but that kind of rationale can backfire as you will be stuck with a look that does not truly represent your brand.

This is an important decision as once your logo is created it is unlikely you will make any changes as it can disrupt your audience's confidence. 

It would be best to create a few logos and then present them to friends, family, other companies to review. Take a survey or request feedback before making a final decision. 

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.  -Jeff Bezos

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Free Online Logo Generators

Not long ago you would need to know how to use programs like Photoshop or Corel Draw in order to create a decent looking logo. 

Today, you have access to a number of awesome applications that can generate an amazing logo for your business in no time. 

Why Should You Use A Free Logo Generator?

  • You are creating a brand new website and you are new to an online business with a limited or no budget.
  • You don't have access or the skills to use Premium design programs like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • You have no clue what your logo should like and need inspiration.

Here Are 3 free logo generators you can use right now!

Canva logo creator screenshot of logo editing page

This is my favorite free online image design application. You can read my blog "Create Website Images For Free in Under 1-Minute" for more details on how I use it to create all of my images for my websites.

The cool thing is it also has hundreds of free logo templates available from which you can base your own logo designs.

Canva 2.0 also has thousands of free images, illustrations, icons, and other elements you can use to create your unique logo.

If they don't have any that you like then you can upload your own to integrate within your design.

The drag and drop user interface are so easy that people can learn how to use it within 30 seconds without any special training. Compared to Premium editors that can take 30 days to understand some of the basic processes to create a logo.

One thing to keep in mind is to modify the chosen templates enough to ensure yours doesn't end up looking like others that use the same template.

Free Logo Services ScreenShot 4 easy steps to creating a logo online

If you want a fully automatic logo generator then look no further than FreeLogoServices.  If you read what was required at the beginning of this blog you will already have the answers required to fill in the 4 steps required for the logo generator to give you some awesome logo ideas in minutes.

Step 1: all you have to do is choose what industry your business is in, then enter your company name, add an optional tag or mission line, and type of logo you are looking for or use a keyword based on your company. Then you will be provided a choice of logo styles where you can choose up to 3 styles, 3 layouts, and then choose up to 3 choices of fonts.

Step 2: Now you will be presented with hundreds of logo designs from which you can choose one that best suits your business.

Step 3: Time to edit your chosen logo to customize it for your brand colors and fonts. it will even show examples of what it will look like on the computer, business cards, and t-shirts.

Step 4: Save your logo by creating an account. 

Unfortunately, that is as far as the free part will go.

If you want to use that logo design with unlimited use you will need to buy it but it does include other benefits such as a website domain name, high-quality source files, multiple sizes, black & white, and transparent formats.

So this tool is easy to use and has some awesome logo design options for you to choose from but you just want to use it for inspiration. 

The price is still affordable but once you have seen what the options look like you can certainly go back to my #1 choice, Canva 2.0 to design a similar one absolutely free.

Free Logo Design ScreenShot enter your company name and category

Another quick and easy logo generator, although I didn't find the logo choices to be as modern looking as the my #2 logo generator. 

On the plus side, this free logo designer does actually have a free version of your logo design that you can use but it will be a low resolution at 200 pixels by 200 pixels. It's an ok size to use on a website but it will limit you on how you can use it. 

Still, being free it's not a bad deal for a quick and easy auto logo generator. You can still customize it as you wish as well with an easy to use interface.

They offer a choice to purchase high-resolution or even a high-res logo plus a website with your domain name but I find the domain and website price to be quite pricey.

Final thoughts on Free Logo Generators

If you are stuck for ideas and want to see some examples with your company name then start by using #2 and #3 for some inspirational ideas. Then go back to Canva 2.0 to create and customize the logo that will represent your brand perfectly.

With Canva you can always start with a blank page and create high-resolution sizes of your choice so it can be used for multiple functions, not just a website banner.

Hire Logo Designers Online

Here is an option where you can outsource the design of your logo to somebody with experience but won't charge you the same as a Premium logo design agency.

If you know a designer then approach that person to work with you in designing your website logo. There is nothing wrong with getting help from someone you know if they have the right experience.

This doesn't mean you are out of luck if you don't have a designer in your circle.

The internet has the answer for you and one of the easiest solutions is called Fiverr.

Fiverr freelance services ScreenShot with young female in leather jacket

Fiverr provides an awesome platform to find amazing freelancers to create a logo design for you. 

You can filter your choice of designers based on how quickly you need it, your budget, the style of a logo from flat, versatile or full on 3D.

The filter choices also include whether you need high-resolution, transparency, source files.

Then you can also choose if you are ok with new creators or only want the top of the line designers that have high ratings from previous customers. 

As the platform's name suggests it is a platform where you can essentially get these services for $5 but the quality expected at that price will be on the lowest end. 

Most people will just put the budget level first then start breaking it down from there.

Fiverr logo designer page ScreenShot

There is no guarantee that the designs will meet your needs but if you select a logo designer that has a high rating and with many reviews the likelihood you will be satisfied is much better than just choosing the cheapest.

The ones shown in the above image are those that are ranked the highest and their prices are still reasonable.

Once you click on one of the choices you will see examples of their work and what you get for that price. Often they will have other price levels for more advanced work.

Premium Logo Design Agencies

Seeing that my website is focused on beginner affiliate marketers or those interested in starting an online business I doubt that the next option is something you should be contemplating at this point.

On the other hand, if you are here, already have a well laid out plan and budget then here are some optional logo design agencies you can work with to get that perfect brand logo you need.

Here are 2 Premium logo designer agencies

1. LogoJoy

Many popular companies rely on LogoJoy for creating their logo design.

You can start with an intuitive AI-powered logo maker tool to provide inspiration.

They provide full support, brand guidelines, guaranteed unique, social media kits, high-resolution, vector files, and you only pay if you are absolutely 100% happy with your design. 

2. BrandCrowd

At BrandCrowd you can either start by creating your own design with their logo maker, you can buy ready-made logos where you only need to add your own text, or you can get a designer to create your logo, your brand.

The standard package includes your logo without watermark, high-resolution files in png and jpeg formats for websites along with vector files for printing. You will also get files with transparent backgrounds and multiple logo variations.

If you need more help for a complex logo design then you can access one of their in-house designers to get you that perfect logo.


Understanding what you want your business to look like and what it stands for will be the hardest part of creating a logo for your website.

If you are a beginner, then the free logo generators will most likely be sufficient in creating a logo that will represent your business.

The free logo makers are so much more advanced today that they would have cost thousands of dollars to use only a few years ago.

Just because they are free doesn't mean that they are not a reliable service. The main disadvantage for most of the free logo makers is that they are low-resolution logos.

The low-resolution logos can be all you need for a header or sidebar on your website.

You'll want to use a Premium service if you need high-resolution logos for everything from a website to display banners.

Have you ever used a logo maker?

Which one did you use?

I would love to hear about your experience. Please leave any comments or questions below. I love to hear from you and I respond to everyone.



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Ola - February 14, 2019

Thank you for this great post I find it really interesting and nice. You have really put in a lot of energy in writing this and I really appreciate that. You have provided great insights into how to create an effective logo for new bloggers; I have been hiring designers before now but this article is an eye-opener for me. Thanks for sharing.

    Paul - February 14, 2019

    I hope you will be able to save some money by creating your own logo.



jessie palaypay - February 14, 2019

So far, the only service that I have used to create logos is Canva. I love that there are many combinations you can make with texts and images to make something memorable. Although the one thing I do wish is that they had more variety of images as it can become very limited unless you upgrade your Canva account.

    Paul - February 14, 2019

    The free version of Canva is great but as you mentioned the available images on the free version is limited. Which means you do need to upload images from another source. You can either use your own images or go to free image suppliers like Pixabay. Unfortunately, that does take extra time but I guess that is the price to pay for having something for free. 😉

    I currently have a paid subscription to a stock photo, image, illustrator site called Storyblocks but I will likely move over to Canva’s paid membership called “For Work” when my Storyblocks subscription is up. It will just make the whole process a so much easier, still cost me about the same and I will be able to take full advantage of the premium tools available on Canva.

    Would you consider paying for a good image creator?




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