How To Choose Your Domain Name | Really Fast!

If you are in the process of choosing a domain name for your online business you may have noticed that it can get a little frustrating, to say the least.

Here is your "How To" blog on choosing a domain name for your online business in 10 easy steps with a bonus step at the end that will give you access to an awesome domain name search tool.


Easy To Write or Type

Choose a domain name that doesn't use complicated words or slang words.

Depending on how your potential audience finds your website, you want them to be able to rewrite it or retype it easily.

If you use slangs text like "I C U" instead of "I SEE YOU", then the word of mouth about your website may not get communicated properly and you can lose potential viewers to your site as it will be harder for people to type the right words for your site.

Another type of wording that can cause confusion when trying to explain a website domain is those that have words with lesser known multiple spelling options such as "Xmas" instead of "Christmas".

So try to think about how you would write a domain name if you were on the phone with someone and they are saying the website domain name without having to spell it. 

If you can tell someone the name and say it is spelled as it sounds with regular wording, just add the .com then you are on the right track.


Shorter The Better

Ideally, you want your website to be ONE word. 

That is not always possible today as millions if not billions of domain names have been registered.

Which means that of course most of the one and two-word domain names you want have already been registered.

No need to despair, you may still get some good simple names but you just need to be a little creative.

If you look at some big brand names they are still being created with made up words and strong branding strategies.

It may not be so simple for the sole proprietor to do the same as the big brands.

Once you go down to the other tips that will also influence your decision on what domain name to use just remember this tip as I have seen people use long sentences to describe their niche and it just does not convert well.

As with this website, I had no choice but to choose a domain name that is using 3 words but you will see the reason why I went the 3-word route in the next tip


Using Keywords

As mentioned in tip #2, I used a 3 word variation for this website's domain name by using a keyword approach and still simple enough to explain over the phone.

If you are not familiar with keywords you can read my post about my recommended "Keyword Research Tool" Here.

In general, a keyword can be a word or short phrase that describes your topic or niche. When it comes to choosing a domain name with keyword rich wording you will likely have words in your domain name that you will use in your blogs or best describes your business.

If I were to take my website, affiliatewealthauthority.com as an example.

My blogs do talk a lot about affiliate marketing, how you can gain wealth by starting an affiliate marketing online business, and that this is an authority website in regards to everything affiliate marketing and more.

You may have a very different niche topic for your website. Let's say you're a single mom and you want to write about how to work from home for moms.

The key to using keywords in a domain name is to use words that people will use when they are searching for your niche or business topic.

You could look at domain names such as "workfromhome", "momsworkfromhome", "workfromhomemoms", "momsworkathome", "momsworkonline", "affiliatemom", affiliatemarketingmoms".

You can be as creative as you like but you still have to remember to follow tips #1 and #2.


Focus On Your Local Market

You may have a niche or business that targets a specific local area. 

If I take this website's niche as an example and happened to live in Boston, I could create a domain name such as "BostonAffiliateTraining.com". (which is actually available for purchase should you want it).

If you have a local business and are in the process of creating then this tip will help your site pop out above others in the same business that do not use the local district in their domain name.

Search engines will use your keyword domain name and geotagging to show your site over others in your area when people have their location feature activated within their web browsers or mobile.


No Numbers, Hyphens, or The

I have been tempted to use numbers or hyphens in order to use domain names that I really wanted but were not available unless it had actual numbers or hyphens.

This really brings us back to tip #1. Your potential audience will not know if you are using hyphens, a dash,  or a numeral (4)  in your domain name.

This, in the end, can cause confusion or sending your audience to another site that has the same name without hyphens or numerals. 

The other issue is that domain names with numerals or hyphens don't tend to rank very well in search engines.

A good way to test is to type it in a search engine like Google and see if you ever notice a domain name on the first page of results that have numerals or hyphens.

You want to avoid using the word "The" at the beginning of your domain.

It may be tempting as you will see that you can get a prime domain name just by adding the word "The" in front but that can lead you to trademark /copyright issues.

Even though the domain name is different and available most trademark or copyright authorities will always win if they take action against you. Using "The" really doesn't change the brand /domain name that follows.

If I use my website "AffiliateWealthAuthority.com", and you decide to call your new site "TheAffilliateWealthAuthority.com" I could sue you for copyright infringement and it would be an easy win for me. 

In most cases, companies or individuals like myself won't just come out and sue you for going that route.

You would likely only get a request to cease and desist where you would just need to register a different domain name and transfer your website to that new domain, but don't use "The" again.


Memorable Domain Name or Phrase

The competition is tough in the online world but that doesn't mean you can't rise to the top, or to the first page of search engine results with the online world.

You want your domain name to be catchy, memorable, and relevant. 

If you think of a name, write it down and share it some friends or family. See what they think.

Instead of sending the name out to all of them at once, see if you can have them call each other to give the name to see if they can type it out in an email and send back to you. 

If it comes back full of mistakes then it may be time to go back to tip # 1.

If they are able to type it properly, try calling them back in a day or two to see if they can remember the name and how it is written without looking at the email.

Getting feedback about your choice can provide incredible help in knowing if your domain name will work for the masses.


Best Domain Extension

When I talk domain extensions, I'm referring to the suffixes after the domain name itself such as .com, .net, .org, or .sale to name a few. 

The most preferred domain extension is the .com extension. 

The problem as I mentioned earlier in tip #2 is that .com has been around the longest and practically used all the single or double word domain names available with that extension.

I still recommend using the .com if you can find a keyword strong domain name, that is easy to type and is memorable even if it has 3 words. Ideally, you want to have 3-words or less.

If that is not possible and you really want or need a specific domain name then the next popular extension is the .net, and the third choice is .org.

The .net extension is generally used for technical or internet sites.

Unless you are an actual organization, then .org may be an ideal choice.

Today there are hundreds of extensions available.

If you are not worried about ranking and have a marketing strategy that will direct people to your website no matter the extension then you can use any extension that suits your site.


Research Your New Domain Name

This is a step that I missed out on doing with one of my first websites.

It turned out that a domain name that I have chosen was used in the past and was blacklisted by search engines as it was a scam site in the past.

So I was building my website but the search engines would not index (acknowledge) my website.

There are ways to get a domain name of their exclusion list but it is extra work and I suggest just avoid choosing a domain name that had dubious business practices in the past.

A webtool I use to see if that domain was used in the past and for what purpose.

Go to the  WayBack Machine.

It is free to use, where you pop in the domain name and if it existed in the past you can click on the snapshots of that site.


 Build Your Brand and Protect it

Once you've done all your due diligence in choosing a domain name for your website it is time to build our brand. 

Domain names are generally cheap to purchase and maintain, most sell for under $15 / year.

For that reason, it is advisable to not only to register and build your .com website but to also register multiple your new domain extensions.

Especially the next popular .net and .org extensions. Once you have those other domain extensions registered in your name you don't need to build a whole duplicate website for each registered.

You can just have all those other domain extension sites be forwarded to your main .com site.

This will ensure that you don't have competitors catching a piggyback on your branding success in hopes to catch those people that misspell your website domain name.

It will also ensure that if people do mistype your domain name they will still be directed to your main .com website.


Start Now

Domain names are like real estate.

They are being sold quickly and they are no longer making high ranking single word domains.

If you are fortunate enough in choosing a domain name with .com that is still available they are relatively cheap to buy for less than $15/ year. 

If your domain name of choice is taken then you can take a look at a site called Freshdrop to keep track of domain names you are interested in purchasing.


Freshdrop will notify you when domains have been dropped and are now available for purchase.

Another option is to go to a site called Flippa where you can bid on domain names or already created websites.


Search Your FREE Domain Name Really Fast Now

You can choose domain name really fast with the search tool below. Not only can you choose a domain name quickly, you will also have access to a free beginners training just by providing your email. No Credit Card Information required. Risk-Free!

I have also used another domain name registrar called NameCheap that also provide a good selection but doesn't have the same support and training as the platform available through SiteRubix and the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.


Quick Recap

10  How To | Choosing A Domain Name

  1. Easy To Write (Easy Words)
  2. Make It Short (One Preferred, three or Less)
  3. Use Keywords (Words That Describe your Business)
  4. Local Targeting (Add Your City or Country)
  5. No Numbers, Hyphens, or The (Don't Use Them)
  6. Keep It Memorable (Think Of Brand Names)
  7. Choose The .com Domain Extension (Otherwise .net or .org)
  8. Research and Get Feedback (check its history)
  9. Build Your Brand And Protect It (Cover all Available extensions)
  10. Start Now So You Don't Lose Your Domain Name (Why wait?)

Extra Bonus

4 Tools To Help You Brainstorm Domain Names

If you are still having trouble figuring out a domain name even after following the 10 tips above then here are 4 tools you can use that may help get that awesome brandable domain name.

Sometimes you have an amazing idea for a domain name but it's already registered and not for sale on flippa

So what do you do now? Give up?

No, giving up does not exist in the affiliate marketer's vocabulary. You find new means to get that perfect domain name. One way to expand your options is to use various tools to explore the inner depths of your creativity.

3 of these tools weren't made specifically to find domain names for your website but they can assist in trying out different words that will still help describe your website.

The fourth tool is an actual domain name brainstorming tool.

Let's start with the 3 useful tools that can help you find different variations of words to describe and brand your website.

1- Word Hippo

The domain name "WordHippo.com" for this site itself is quite original and perfectly memorable. Their logo is cute as well.

The tool is quick and easy to use. I keep it as one of my favorites and it is my go-to site when I find that I always use the same word over and over again in my post.

Type in a word like "great" and see a whole list of synonyms for each of the various meanings.

Then each word is clickable which in turn will provide a whole list of other synonyms so you may find yourself digging really deep quickly with alternate domain names you never thought possible.

WordHippo example Screenshot

The tool also allows you to search antonyms, definitions, rhymes, sentences, and translations.

This tool won't only help you choose a domain name but can literally upgrade your blog writing to another level.

2- RhymeZone

Looking to have your site domain name to have a rhyming flow to it then you will want to try out RhymeZone.

This tool is an incredible tool for poets and songwriters but can also assist you in creating that amazing domain name.

All you do is type in the main word you want to rhyme and a long list or rhyming words will pop up.

The first list will be 1 syllable words, then the second list has 2 syllable words and so on.  The example below with the word affiliate went all the way up to list of 7 syllable rhymes. Although, I don't think I would ever use a domain name called affiliate polyvinyl acetate.

rhymezone example screenshot

Additionally, this tool gives a slew of other search features that include near rhymes, phrase rhymes, synonyms, related phrases, example sentences, descriptive words, definitions, and similar sounding words.

3- OneLook

OneLook has a couple of features that can support you in your search for the ultimate domain name.

I love to use the wildcard feature where you add an asterisk to the end of a word or part of a word and you will get a list of possible additional text that is commonly found as recommendations when using a search engine.

onelook screenshot example

You can also do a search with a partial word and adding a question mark to replace a letter (Example: Part???) will give you a list of words that start with "Part" but have a total of 7 letters.

OneLook best feature is their reverse dictionary. Not only does it allow you to search single words but allow for more words to describe a concept.

You can use these reverse dictionary words to create your domain name based on similar concepts.

4- Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a robust keyword research tool. It wasn't originally built to help find a domain name but it only made sense to add that feature so that a domain name matches the keywords you are using for your website.

when you are searching for keywords to write your awesome content you also have the option to see if a domain name is available for that each keyword suggestion.

You can see right there if that keyword rich domain name is available for purchase and can click to purchase it right there and then before anybody else buys it up.

domain search in Jaaxy

Take a look at my extensive Jaaxy review for full details of all the features available with this all-in-one keyword research tool.

You can give the tool a quick trial right here. Why not give it a whirl!

Be Creative

Giving up is not an option when it comes to choosing a domain name and creating the perfect website. 

You may get lucky to find that ideal domain name in minutes but sometimes you will need to use tools like the ones listed above to get there but don't despair.

With your creativity and the tools available there is a domain name waiting for you to grab and run with it!

This is only a small snippet of what you can learn about starting an online affiliate marketing business. Please take a look at Wealthy Affiliate​​​ by clicking on the Join Now button below and try it out for FREE.

Have any questions or comments please leave them below. 


I have been working from home and making an amazing living for over 8 years. I started affiliate marketing about 3 years ago. If you would like to learn how to work from home and earn money as an affiliate please hit the subscribe button on the bottom of the page. Paul

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Lok Which - January 5, 2019

This post came at the right time. It has really met my need. I’m just finished learning how to create a website and I’m about to build one for myself but I was confused on the domain name I should use. Reading this I think I’ve gotten an answer to my question. I now have a domain name in my mind which I will use.

    Paul - January 5, 2019

    Outstanding! I am pleased to hear that the tips provided have helped you choose a domain name for your new website. Once you start writing your content you may be interested to read about Jaaxy, a blog called Keyword Research Tool Review. Do You Really Need One?. It is a robust keyword research tool that will help you find keywords that will boost your site ranking to the top and it also has a domain name search feature you can always use if your current domain name idea doesn’t pan out.



Nate Stone - January 5, 2019

Hi Paul, 

Some great tips here on how to pick the right kind of domain (.com, .net etc.) and how to select a domain quickly. I myself sometimes spend way too long on trying to pick the right domain, I’ll refer back to your steps in future for selecting my new domains and suggest others do the same.

    Paul - January 5, 2019

    Super-Duper!  Sometimes what sounds like the easiest of tasks when building a website can end up taking up a large part of our valuable time. I too was subject to waisting too much time figuring out a domain name for my websites. That is where I really found the Jaaxy tool to be very helpful. You may be interested in reading my blog called Keyword Research Tool Review. Do You Really Need One?

Nuttanee - January 5, 2019

Hi there,

Very informative post. After reading your post I think I pretty much covered all your suggestions. What do you think of the name youonyourterms? I mean, it is very broad to pinpoint a niche but I think the name is very catchy, what do you think? For my next website I will try word hippo, looks like a good platform for me to use. Thank you

    Paul - January 5, 2019

    Your chosen domain sounds promising. As you said, it would require a specific description to know what the niche is all about but then again who knew what Google was until it became popularized. 

    Unfortunately, the .com extension for that domain is not available and I am a true believer that .com websites do rank better than the .net or .org sites. 

    Unless your site is specifically an internet networking infrastructure type of site for the .net or a not for profit organization type of situation I would not use the .org either.

    The only other issue I can see is when I read it a second time, for some reason I was reading “you on our terms” even though there is another “y” in there my eyes ended up reading that instead so it may lead to some confusion.

    I was thinking maybe “onyourownterms, yourlifeyourterms, liveonyourterms” but all the .com extensions were already taken. 

    There is “livelifeyourterms.com” that is still available. Having just the one “you” word seems to make it a little easier to read.

    I think you are on the right path. I’m sure if you use the suggested tools including Jaaxy you will find one that will work perfectly for your niche.



Strahinja - January 5, 2019

Hey Paul. Thank you for this informative article. I am in the process of creating a new website and I am searching proper domain name I could use. I was unaware of websites like Flippa. Thank you for sharing these concepts. You can buy or sale online business with ease. That is amazing.

Also, you are correct when you say a word should be easy to pronounce and it should not be too long. Also, it would be amazing if the domain name is actually a keyword. This will bring a lot more visitors to the website itself.

I appreciate you sharing this amazing information with us. I will definitely use it.


    Paul - January 5, 2019

    You are most welcome Strahinja! I am always thrilled when I see that I was able to teach something new to somebody. 

    Even if it is one little resource or tip that you didnèt know before reading my blog it can make the difference between an online affiliate marketing business that succeeds to one that fails.

     Having keywords within your domain may or may not help rank your site as nobody really knows the true search engine algorithms but most agree it doesn’t do any harm and it also helps to describe what your website is about.

     That is a key element when you are an individual blogger trying to climb up the ranks against sites or companies that have deep pockets to advertise.

    I find that using the Jaaxy tool really speeds up the process of finding a domain name really fast. Be sure to check out my Jaaxy review here for more details.

Bushra - January 5, 2019

Hi Paul, I learned from your article that when we need to choose a domain name we need to keep in mind that domain name should be memorable and short. Choosing the perfect domain name definitely requires research but investing in an effort is important for our future success.

Another tip before deciding your domain name is, say the name out loud and ask for other people’s thoughts. You shouldn’t go with the first name that pops into your mind. You have to double check it. Great informative article, thanks for sharing.

    Paul - January 5, 2019

    It sounds like you now have a clear understanding of the ‘How to” choosing a domain name. I may need to add some more emphasis on the getting feedback part of this blog as it is probably one of the most important steps in the process before committing to a domain name. 

    Wishing you the best of success. 



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