Easiest Way To Start Affiliate Marketing

The other day someone asked me. "Hey, Paul, what is the easiest way to start affiliate marketing?"

I responded with, "Not the way I did!"

That is probably one of the most common responses that I've heard from so many affiliate marketers.

So many have gone through countless programs and platforms before they found one that worked for them.

Now, if I had a chance to rewind and try a different path knowing what I know today  I would start affiliate marketing in a whole different way.

I would say the easiest way to start affiliate marketing is to start a blog about something you are passionate about. Then you can monetize your site by using links to affiliate programs like Amazon or eBay. It may sound easier said than done but with the right training, support, hosting services, and website building tools you can start affiliate marketing in minutes. To earn an income from affiliate marketing is a whole other ball game and that is why you may want to read on to learn more before jumping in.

Where I Went Wrong

Sometimes it's hard to admit that I did things wrong in the beginning. Oh boy, but did I ever! 

Why did I do things wrong?

It's because I was a beginner too at one time and thought I had all the answers by watching a few videos on YouTube or some documentary.

I remember seeing a commercial from Wix or GoDaddy, I can't remember which company exactly, where they showed Jeff Bridges, taking pictures, adding them to a website and then tons of people were coming to his site to buy copies of his photos. 

All that information was shown in under 1-minute.

So I naturally thought it can be that easy, maybe need a couple more steps but not that complicated.

Ya, I know right, was I really that naive!?

So I went to their site and signed up to their free website builder, I'm pretty sure it was Wix. 

Now you have to remember this was about 10 years ago so certainly not as easy as today.

I built a basic website with some of my own pictures for practice and to see what will happen next.

Well no surprise, nothing happened.

Nobody knew I built a website!

Why would anybody go visit it, and if they did what would they do with it other than look at a few pictures?

In other words, I had no clue what I was doing. 

It wasn't a total waste of time. I did learn some basic website building knowledge.

After playing around with the limited tools available on that hosting site I ended up deleting that site because I could not find any information online, at that time, on what I needed to do.

I tried a couple of other free website builders after that more for practice building websites and nothing else.

Really nothing else!

The other problem with those free websites was the fact that those companies would still have their banner advertising or other advertisers on your site and you wouldn't get paid anything for it.

Now I didn't stop there, I am a persistent guy.

Which lead me to my next topic of how I finally found the answer in the most obscure of places.

Found the easiest way banner with girl sitting on the floor with laptop on her lap pointing to the text

How I Found The Easiest Way

As I mentioned, I can be persistent.

I continued to search the internet for real, legitimate answers.

There just seemed to be so many sites with flash and sparkles to make me cringe to the thought of staying on their site more than a few seconds.

Then there were those sites, way back when, that would open another site, or more if you tried to back out or close the window.

Until one day I was doing research for my spouse who was interested in starting her own business.

 I was reading a review, written by a guy named John, about the company my was thinking of joining.

The company was an MLM and John was writing about his experience with the company.

John explained his experience and provided information on how that company worked. 

He also described how he no longer belongs to that company and that he now does work online as an affiliate marketer.

Hooray! John provided a link to what turned out to be a true revelation, the answer to what I've been searching for years.

His link leads me to an all-in-one platform that ended up meeting all my needs.

That is why it is my #1 recommended platform of all time.

Let me tell you about my first impressions.

First impression banner with guy facial expression in awe

The Answer, My First Impression

I found this platform over 3 years ago in 2015, so at the time the platform was only about 10 years old so it didn't have the look and feel it has now. 

It had a lot of things stuffed into one platform so they had to try and fit all the links on one page which they did a pretty good job considering the time it was created.

The cool thing is that once I signed up as a free member, with no need for a credit card, John greeted me with a message.

It provided some insight into what part of the platform I should focus on first.

It wasn't too hard even for coconut head like myself.

I just needed to click on the big green button that said: "Start Here".

That is when my new life as an affiliate marketer began!

That button brought straight to their FREE beginner training that had 5 courses with 50 lessons...did I mention absolutely FREE.

I could have walked away after the training there and then without any obligation or commitments, no worry they would charge my credit card because they never asked for it.

I was amazed at the amount of information they provided. I could have scoured the internet for 10 more years without getting so much information.

Not only did I get information on how affiliate marketing works but they actually showed and made me go through the step-by-step of building a website.

They provided me with the ability to build 2 free websites that had NO BANNERS!

That is when some paranoia thoughts started to appear.

I've never seen this much free stuff, there must be a catch!?

Oh, ya, there it was. I get the messages that my 7 days are coming to an end if I wanted to keep access to all the tools, support, webinars, community, and bunch more courses I would need to pay for a Premium membership.

Oh Crap!

Not so fast, my backside ain't cooked just yet!

It went on to say that I can stay on as a free member, keep my 2 free websites, a limited amount of tools, with no obligation to pay for anything, EVER!

This company is based in Vancouver so I'm not sure if they have access to some strong hallucinogens or something but you just don't see those types of freebies anywhere else.

So I had to make a tough decision. 


Do I stay free with limited resources and try to keep going on my own?

We all know how well that went!


Do I bite the bullet and pay for the Premium membership?

Wondering what I ended up doing? 

I started some more online research of course.

When I looked at the possibility of taking that basic training I got for free and going on my own, I started looking at how much it would cost to buy domain names and host those websites.

The cost of buying the domain names and hosting them would cost about half of what it would cost on the all-in-one platform.

So it definitely would be cheaper, half the price.

So I thought but when I dug deeper into those web hosting sites and saw that I would need to pay for a number of other things to be fully functional for affiliate marketing it was getting very close to that Premium membership cost.

Almost the same cost to just host my sites without the ongoing training, weekly webinars, keyword research tools, live 24/7 chat with like-minded members and experts, access to the owners to name a few of the benefits being Premium.

With that information my decision was much easier, it was time to go Premium!

That is when I got access to everything on the platform which brings us to how it all works.

How The Easiest Way Works with hand holding gears

How The Easiest Way Works 

Easiest Way To Start Affiliate Marketing - Quick Breakdown

  1. Start With The Beginner Training
  2. Build Your Free Website To Practice
  3. Become Skilled On How To Add Awesome Content To Your Site
  4. Learn How To Add Affiliate Links Effectively
  5. Transfer Your Free Site and Content To Your Own Domain
  6. Acquire Free Traffic To Your Site
  7. Earn Affiliate Commissions, Congratulate Yourself, Order A Pizza!
  8. Continue Learning, Increase Free Traffic To Your Site, Increase Monthly Commissions

Descriptive Breakdown

So how is it that writing blogs is the easiest way to become an affiliate marketer you wonder?

The first reason is that most people already know how to write.

If you were planning to do YouTube videos, like me, I didn't have years of education on how to create a good video.

That is why blogging is the most natural way to start presenting information online.

You start by blogging about things that you are passionate about.

The coolest thing is that blogs are meant to be written in the same type of flow as having a conversation.

You write as though you are talking to a friend, neighbor, family member, or co-worker.

Writing awesome content for your blog site, that regular people like you and me can relate to, is the best way to get free traffic to your site.

If anybody tries to sell you anything else that will "cheat or beat the system", they are only using smoke and mirrors to sell you their product.

Some of those, cheat the systems may work for a little while but you will continuously crash and burn where you will keep needing to rebuild new sites.

So please stay away from those affiliate marketing scams!

Beware of scams banner with image of guy being attached by hand coming out of computer screen

You'll only delay your success that much further.

Now, in order to write your blog, you need a website. As I mentioned the platform I used took me along step-by-step in creating my free website.

After taking the training, created my free website, and added blogs to it I was ready to move on to the big leagues.

The free websites can only get you so far as they are considered sub-domains and usually don't rank as well as unique domain names.

Does that mean I have to trash my Free site and start all over? Not at all.

All you do is use their handy domain name element, then transfer your Free site to your purchased domain name. 

That domain name will be your website's unique address that nobody else can use unless you abandon it or sell it.

Any decent domain names, with a .com extension cost about $13/year to register whether you are with the platform I use or any other web hosting platform.

So all that work you put in that free site is now transferred your new domain for you to grow infinitely.

Now that you have your website, with some content you created during training, all you have to do is keep writing amazing content.

That is where all the other tools and support come in.

The platform I use has many lessons, live and recorded webinars.


If you get stuck or have a question it has probably been answered at some point over the 13+ years in business. All you have to do is type in the question and you are likely to find multiple sources for answers by experts that went through the same thing.

If the answer is not there, guess what there is an always on, always active chat section where you can ask the experts the question and you will usually get your answer in less than a minute so you can continue on building your online business without further delays or distractions.

You will be taught how to write blogs to make it easier for your readers and also to help rank higher on search engine result pages by using tools included with your Premium membership.

They will teach you how to sign up to affiliate programs or networks.

You can read my blog about affiliate programs here

You are never alone. I still use all of the tools and support daily. I also help answer questions for new people that are starting out.

What are your next steps?

What You Need To Do Now

Now it is up to you.

You can continue on your current path or you can sign up to a platform that may change your life like it has for me.

As of now you can still sign up for free to this amazing platform by clicking here.

Sure, it's not the only platform out there but is the only one that I've seen so far that is legit and has everything all in one place.

It's one of the only platforms that I really feel comfortable to suggest to anyone seeing that I've been with them for over 3 years they haven't steered me wrong.

The only other platform that I can recommend is called Income School.

You can click here to check Out Income School

They have a program called "Project 24". Intended to help any beginner to start a blog from scratch and be able to replace their full-time income with passive income from their website within 24 months.


After trying out so many ways to start my affiliate marketing business it became obvious had I found that all-in-one platform sooner, as I describe on my about page, I could have retired from my day job by now.

You may want to continue checking out other options, I don't blame you.

Heck, I did the same thing for years so who am I to judge?

Except now I find that having that support available anytime any time I need it, is not something that is matched anywhere else.

I hope to see you back. If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them below. I love to hear from you and I always respond.




I have been working from home and making an amazing living for over 8 years. I started affiliate marketing about 3 years ago. If you would like to learn how to work from home and earn money as an affiliate please hit the subscribe button on the bottom of the page. Paul

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AV 2001 - January 17, 2019

Hey Paul,

I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Affiliate Marketing” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. Starting your own website doesn’t require coding nowadays and buying a domain isn’t a problem anymore. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income online and one must make use of the resources available in the online world. I completely agree with the fact that a domain costs $13.00 per year as I bought a domain in that price range. 

Ill share this article with my friends as it’s very informative. Keep up the good work Paul! 

    Paul - January 17, 2019

    Passive income can be grand. I’m working hard on this new affiliate marketing website in hopes that it will help people for a long time and in turn that I may earn a passive income from it as well.

    Come back anytime. I would love to hear from you again.



Riaz Shah - January 17, 2019

Nicely written Paul,

I started Affiliate marketing with no direction and I had zero sales for 6 months, I was losing money monthly fast. I didn’t know where to start and so I tried a few MLMs because I thought there must be something there when the hype is there right? I was wrong and lost more money so I quit and eventually one of the members there lead me to Wealthy Affiliate. I never looked back ever since but boy, how I wish I would have come across your article sooner, it would have saved me more time 🙂

    Paul - January 17, 2019

    Oh, you don’t have to explain the rath of MLMs to me. I’ve been there done that. I wonder if there has been anybody that never has?

    Thanks for dropping by.



Lady Esther - January 17, 2019

Hi Paul,

Wow, you have such an easy way of talking to your audience. I personally still struggle with that and my website is still short of great content. I truly appreciate your flow of information with a great sense of invitation to become an affiliate marketer. If I was not an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate I would be signing with you as a referral. I have been working on it and taking the training but it’s been very slow for me. At the present time, I am not able to leave a full-time job so I use my spare time and commute time to take the training and work on my content. 

Thank you for making it look so easy but at the same time remind us of the dedication, hard work, and the focus that being an affiliate marketer needs to be.  Do you have any tips or suggestions?  I don’t want to let go but where can I find motivation?

Thank you and much success!


    Paul - January 17, 2019

    Hey LadyEsther,

    Thanks for saying I make it look easy. It wasn’t always that way. There was a lot of trial and error where I learned most of the best technics and acquired the most knowledge.  

    The training certainly helps to keep you on the road but it’s still up to us to avoid a head-on collision sort of scenario.


    Tip #1  KISS   Keep It Simple Stupid (not saying you’re stupid, but it is a term I use all the time to remind myself when I over think things) If you are having difficulties with technical issues, like how to create all these fancy websites then make sure to keep your website simple. Keep it as basic as possible for now. Have a title, a top menu, and a blog roll. (Naturally have your about page, privacy, and disclaimer pages too). Once you add content and naturally play around with it over time you will learn new ways to spruce up your website. The main thing to concentrate and spend 95% of your time on is creating content. Which brings me to tip #2.

    Tip #2 Content, Content, Content! Having quality content is the key to getting free, organic traffic to your site.

    How to write great content is a skill that anyone can learn. I’m still learning but I’ve come a long way from when I began.  Put as much content on your website as quickly as you can. The latest recommendation is to have 30 blogs posted within 30 days. 10 response blogs ~1500-2000 words where you answer a question, 10 Staple posts which can be like those “9 Best ways to whatever” things, and 10 Pillar posts that can be about 4000- 5000 words long.

    Once you have your content you can always update the look of your website and add methods of monetization. Write your blogs while you only focus on helping your readers with what you know.

    Hope that helps and best of success to you as well.



Jamiro Hazel - January 17, 2019

Its very good that you are sharing these very useful tips with people out there. The world of affiliate marketing can be a very confusing world if you do not know the right ways to go about it. I am so glad that people like you put this information out there and for programs like Wealthy Affiliate who not only help you get started but is always there to give a good word of advice. Thank you so much 

    Paul - January 17, 2019

    Thank You




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