Choose An Interest

Lesson 1

Sounds easy, right?

In theory, it can be a natural process to choose an interest. 

It is essential to start with only one interest until you become more familiar with running an online business. 

This interest you choose will be considered your niche.

We all have something that interests us.

Whether you pick a hobby or a profession you've been in and enjoy helping others in related to that topic.

The hard part is choosing that one interest, that niche you want to focus on for your online business.

Some people get stuck on this first stage as they have more than one interest and wonder which one would be best to focus all their time on.

If you are having a hard time choosing one interest, don't stop there.

Just select any interest/niche and go with it! 

You can always change it later as you learn about online marketing.

As an example, this site is about helping people understand how affiliate marketing works and how they too can become an online affiliate marketer.

At the end of the course, I will give you access to a platform that will go more into details about choosing your niche...or you can click here now.

Ok, so choose a niche, write it down and let's move on to the next lesson.


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