9 Best Niche Website Ideas

Finding the best niche website idea can be difficult when starting out as an affiliate marketer.

I know when I started I chose a niche website idea that was way too broad. It had crazy competition from individual bloggers and by humungous companies pouring in millions of dollars in ads.

Once I became increasingly familiar with the world of affiliate marketing and blogging I am now continuously having more and more ideas.

More ideas than I can ever write about and that is why I am willing to share 9 of the best niche ideas that I have thought about over the years but will never have the time to start.

Let's jump right into it and give you the list of the top 9 niche topics, then I'll explain what qualities I believe it took to make them the best, and then I will show you the top 9 niche site ideas based on these topics.

Top 9 Topics

  1. Home
  2. Dog
  3. Music
  4. Pain
  5. Sports
  6. Weight
  7. Skin
  8. Cat
  9. Sleep
9 Top Niche Topics with checkmark circled

How To Choose Topics

I listed the 9 topics that I feel are the hottest topics to base your niche sites on for a few reasons.

Now, of course, I could have added "sex" in there but wanted to stick to topics that didn't need special consideration and regulations. It would land somewhere around #2 or 3.

The way I chose these topics is by using a free tool called Google Trends.

I entered a number of broad topic terms to see how they ranked against each other. I also chose those terms based on topics that still have some good niche sites within them where you can still compete.

An example of a topic that is totally saturated is food. It would rank high in Google Trends but it would be hard to find a niche idea where you could compete. 

Remember these are broad, high-level topics, not actual niche website ideas

we'll get to those lower down.

Let's look at the list I chose a little closer. Here is a graph showing how these topics are trending right now.

I can only compare 5 topics at a time so I will show you the top 5 for this analysis.

The Google Trend tool will show a popularity comparison in a percentage, so a total of 100 for all the topics searched. It shows in a graph form how those trends fluctuate over the chosen period of time. In this example, I have 5 topics showing over 1 year.

Now we can strip these topics down further.

The Google Trend tool will also show your the top 25 search queries for each topic. 

So how about we look at the "home" topic.

Depending on your setting you may be seeing the "Top" or "Rising"  query trends. You can switch view by click on the vertical 3 dots at the bottom right of the table.

Looking at the "Top" (current list, it may be different at the time you visit this blog, this is a live feed from Google) list you will see the topics aren't Niche worthy queries.

Home Depot being #1 doesn't lend to being the best niche idea. #2 Funeral Homes...hmmm there can be some niche ideas there but that would be up to you if you want to go in that direction. #3 at Home is too vague, # 4 Lowes, No Good, #5 Google Home is a possibility if you want to go towards home automation. We keep going down the list and we find at #17 Home Security, now that is niche worthy.

Looking at the "Rising" trends for home we have a few other niche worthy topics such as Google Home Hub, again. Then # 11 Generac Home Generators, promising, #14 Ringworm Home Treatment, no, no, no, see warning below. Others include Home pod and illuminate Home connection for ideas to create a niche.

You're probably saying, "Ok, Paul, that is a lot of things with the word home in them, what are we supposed to do now?"

Well, now you can break each of those subtopics down further.

Start by choosing the ones you feel may be niche worthy for you to write about.

avoid health and legal advice niches banner image with gavel and handcuff logo

Warning! I highly recommend that you stay clear from any health care or treatment related topics for a couple of reasons.

  1. Health care topics, if not written properly can increase your risk of liability should someone follow your suggestions and have dire results.
  2. Google will likely not rank your website unless you are a proven licensed professional for that specific health care topic. They will only direct traffic to sites that have appropriate credentials to provide such information.

The only type of health-related topics I can suggest to write about are things like losing weight, back pain, sleep issues, ONLY if you can write about it from your own perspective and experiences dealing with those issues.

Anything with health information, you really need to emphasize that you are only sharing your own experiences and results may not be the same for you. That you do not endorse that they follow your examples.

Make sure to have a number of warnings and disclaimers, so that if you are not a health professional, inform people that they need to consult their own personal professional before taking any of your suggestions into consideration.

I would even go as far as accessing legal counsel prior to starting any health-related niche site to ensure you are NOT opening yourself up to any liability suite.

That said, if you look at the graph, pain is pretty much equal to sports. So I would eliminate the pain subject altogether and consider sports.

That's my 10 cents! Now back to the fun and interesting stuff.

To continue on with our breakdown, minus the health stuff, let's look at Google Home, Home Generator, Home Pod, and Home Security.

Ok, wow wasn't expecting such a huge gap there. 

So, Google Home is way up there but look at Home Security!

This Security niche could be our winner!

You may be wondering why I wouldn't go towards Google Home.

There a few reasons for that but mainly because it would probably be difficult to write about Google Home for the next 2-3 years. It may be hard to write 10 blogs about it.

Then is the problem of having way too much competition on that topic. 

Sure you could probably talk about all of these Google Home products and reviews but could you really compete against every mainstream marketer hired by companies like Google, who can also increase their own ranking?

Google Home search query topics ScreenShot

Home Security, on the other hand, you can have a wide range of niche topic ideas within that subject.

You can do a quick search of possible niche ideas by doing a search query with the words "home security", and check to see what result you get for each letter of the alphabet like this, "home security d". See below.

Google query home security d ScreenShot

I did quick keyword research in Jaaxy on "home security doorbell camera" and it is showing awesome results for keywords that can rank the first page. 

The monetization possibilities for those are amazing.

So do you choose Home Security as your niche topic? 

No! I feel that the topic is still too broad to compete against major security companies.

The direction I would suggest can still be related to security but focus on something like door security. 

Home security doors niche banner with house image and key

Did a quick search in regards to door security and found plenty of topics and merchandise that would sell well on sites like Amazon and eBay.

There are door locks, knobs, bars, doorbells, cameras, sensors, braces, stoppers, alarms, chain locks, safe pet access, entry systems, guards, intercoms, frame reinforcement kits, seal kits, latches, magnetic locks, security plating, remote opener, viewers, windows, zombie proofing.

That is a crazy amount of topics right there that I found within 1 minute. Each of those topics could have dozens of blogs related to DIY installation, product reviews, and repairs. 

You could create e-learning videos how to install various types of door security systems as per the above list. 

Home security doors could keep you busy for years.

You could search and secure a FREE domain for that niche right now using the tool below.

I found one that is currently available at the time of writing this blog called securethatdoor.com. If it is no longer available, I'm sure you can figure out another name.

securethatdoor domain name available screenshot Jan 17 2019

That's what it takes to find a good niche subject.

Paul AWA Author

I created this website using all the knowledge from one of the best online training and hosting platforms you can find.

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Top 9 Niche Website Ideas

Now I'm going to give you 9 of my best niche website ideas so you won't need to do all of this research yourself.

1-Home Security Doors
Home security doors niche banner with house image and key

As described above, this would make an excellent niche topic.

Be sure to check if securethatdoor.com is still available.

2-Dog Travel
Dog travel niche banner with dog in a box with head sticking out

There is a ridiculous amount of subjects you can write about when it comes to traveling with your dog. 

The cool thing is that it will be something that people will search about before they plan any type of trip with their dog. Whether it be a short day trip or an overseas trip.

Many people will have questions about what to bring, how to keep the dog comfortable and safe during the trip, what type of vaccinations are required, and the list goes on.

You would be able to categorize each topic by different size dogs or breeds. You can have special blogs specific for dogs with various health conditions while travelling.

A dog travel website can easily get lots of traffic with that topic and it can be monetized in various ways. You can monetize with affiliate links to various travel gear to medications.

If you get enough visitors to your site you can earn income with ads. You can create an e-learning product to sell about travelling with your dog abroad.

Here's a possible domain name, currently available for $13.99: dogmusttravel.com

3-Sound Mixer Board
sound mixer board niche banner with hands adjusting buttons on sound mixer

Who doesn't love music?

If you are into music, editing sound for videos or YouTube then you will want to get into the sound mixer niche.

This niche can still be broken down such as Video Sound Mixing Boards, Music Mixer Boards, Digital Mixing boards versus RF Mixer Boards. 

The choice is up to you which subtopic you prefer as they are all pretty good but the sound mixing for videos is very hot right now. Music soundboard mixers is steady and stable.

Again, many topics from soundboard reviews to topics like what is an RF mixer, what is a digital mixer, why do I need a mixer, how do sound mixers work, and so on.

Here's an available domain name:  studiomixingboard.com, djmixingboard.com or djsoundstudio.com

4-Lower Back Pain
lower back pain niche banner with young man hand on back

There are a great number of people that suffer from lower back pain and if you create your website properly it can be managed safely and be quite lucrative.

Back pain is a subject topic so if you can stick to describing your journey, explaining what worked and what didn't work from your experience then it can work.

Note that anything related to health will require extra special attention to wording, disclaimers, and risk warnings.

Should someone follow what you felt was a good treatment for your back pain but then caused long term damage for others that try it you want to be sure you gave proper warning to seek advice from their own medical professional before attempting.

The other thing to consider with health related topics is that you may not be able to get your site ranked easily on Google, Bing or Yahoo as those queries are directed mainly to renowned health care organizations.

You can still get traffic but you may need to focus more on social media.

Optional domain name available: backpainatbay.com

5-Mountain Bike Sports
mountain bike sports niche banner with image of  foot on mountain bike pedal

Wow! I would so love to have time for this niche.

It would be fantastic to get involved with mountain biking to try out all types of bikes from pedal to electric, different gear, and all the trails available around the world.

There are so many blogs you could write about mountain biking and everything is easily monetized from affiliate links, ads, and e-learning products you can create and sell. 

You could create sub-sites for mountain biking for kids, for families or for the physically challenged, which would have a whole bunch of other specialty equipment options where you could affiliate with merchants.

Ok, I can't believe this domain name isn't already taken: sportmountainbike.com

6-Lose Belly Fat For Men
lose belly fat for men niche banner with image of man holding belly

The weight loss industry is another very lucrative domain and therefore is very competitive.

Like everything else, there can always be another angle to take.

Most weight loss marketing is geared towards women as they corner most of that market.

Then exercise or weight training is usually cornered by men.

Nowadays there are more and more men interested in losing weight in other ways than going to the gym, especially those extra pounds around the waist.

When it comes to weight loss there are so many subjects you can write about.

You can talk about diet, exercise, sleep, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Looking within the keyword research tool you'll probably what to focus on areas like how men over 40 can lose belly fat, or best exercises to lose belly fat for men

The number of competing websites for those subjects are low yet still have an amazing amount of queries per month.

I like this available domain because it sounds like Batman: losebellyfatman.com, there is also menlosebellyfat.com. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something a little more original than I can for this one.

7-Skin Care For Freckles
skin care for freckles niche banner with image of freckled girl applying makeup with brush

The skin care industry is booming! So can little old you really compete? 

You need to become the authority for a specific type of skin type or condition. 

Acne would be a good example but that market is a very competitive industry. Unless you focus on something like acne damaged skin for adults. As most companies focus on the huge teenager market.

So for any of the specific skin conditions you can also narrow it down to natural products or DIY products. 

It's always better to start really focused, write as many blogs specific to that specific topic then once you have your traffic then you can start to expand, widen your niche topic.

Here's an available domain name:  keepyourskin.com

8-Cat Travel
cat travel niche banner with image of cat in a basket wearing sunglasses

Similar to #2 Dog Travel where you can provide tips and tricks to make traveling with a cat much easier.

Some awesome keyword results for cat travel tips, accessories, sedatives, litter box, cages, crates, and harnesses to name a few. 

All those topics can be easily monetized as well.

You can also suggest what you can do if you leave your cat behind if you travel. 

Not sure if you noticed but I am more of a dog person and the trend tends to show that dogs are much more trendy than cats. 😉

Like the dog domain, catmusttravel.com is also available.

9-Sleep Aids
sleep aids niche banner with young man sleeping at table

This is another popular subject.

Those who have a hard time sleeping will certainly turn to the internet for advice.

It would be awesome to take advantage of some of the mattress markets but to get started I believe starting with a different angle first.

There all kinds of studies and suggestions for what is required to have a good night sleep.

You will find suggestions to use different lighting, sounds, smell, moisture control, and temperature to name a few. So you won't have any difficulty to finding topics to write about.

I suggest staying away from providing information about medications, whether prescribed or over the counter.

Again, Google will likely direct people to a health professional or University websites for any queries about medicated treatment sleep advice.

Keep your website focused on things you would put in the bedroom that will help and you should be fine.

You can start with a narrow subjects like Audio Sleep Aids, or Aromatherapy Sleep Aids, and as your traffic grows and you've exhausted possible blogs for that topic, then you can broaden your scope of topics.

Here's another domain name still available for your taking getsleepingnow.com

9 Tips For Choosing A Niche

If my 9 best niche topics are not something that interests you, then take a look at my 9 tips for choosing a niche.

  1. Find something you're passionate about
  2. Choose A Niche Where You Know You Can Be An Authority
  3. Ask Yourself, Do People Search This Subject?
  4. Question what type of monetization is available (4+Streams)
  5. Start With A Narrow Subject For Your Niche
  6. Research How Much Competition There Is In That Niche
  7. Review A Hit List Of Possible Subjects Within That Niche 
  8. Avoid Health or Legal Advice Niches
  9. Have Fun With Your Niche!

9 Tips For Choosing A Niche Explained

I'll give a little more details why these tips will help you find the best niche website idea that will works for you for years to come.

Tip #1- Choosing a niche about something you are passionate about will help you get through the slow tough times.

It doesn't matter what type of niche you choose you will have days or weeks where it may be a little harder to get yourself in front of a screen to research and write a blog.

You want a niche subject where when you get up in the morning the first thing that comes to mind is your niche subject and what you are itching to write about as soon as possible.

Tip#2- This tip will really fall into place on its own if you follow tip #1.

If you are passionate about your niche subject, having years of experience within that niche topic you'll have no problem explaining it.

You will be able to provide first hand, your experiences, your failures, and your successes within that nich topic.

Tip#3- I've so many people follow tip #1 and #2 only to realize that people don't really search for that information on the internet.

You can spend months creating an amazing website with tons of information only to find out that people just don't search for that information on the internet.

Tip#4- Opposite to tip#3, you may have a site that people do search for your information but they may just go down to a local store to get products or services from a local supplier or service centre. 

An example can be with DIY home repairs. Tons of people may search how to build a stud wall. Once they've read how to do it, they'll just head down to the local building supply center to get everything they need from there.

You can still monetize your website if you get enough visitors by having advertising on your site or you may be able to create and sell an eLearning product. 

Ideally, you would want at least 4 monetizing streams for each niche site.

That way, if something changes in the internet world your income won't get hit as hard. 

Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

four streams of income banner with eggs in a basket
The 4 monetizing streams I am referring to are:
  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Ad Revenue
  3. eLearning, eBook products to sell
  4. Membership or Subscription Revenue where you can charge a monthly or yearly membership to your platform or special features/tools on your website.

Tip#5- You want to choose a topic where you can find what we call low hanging fruit type keywords. 

These are keywords related to your niche that most of the big competitors don't bother trying to market.

You can learn all about keyword research and an awesome keyword research tool called Jaaxy by Clicking Here.

Tip#6- Finding a niche with low competition is getting harder and harder every day as more and more people are trying to get into the online business market. 

You just need to remember that this type of competition holds true for any type of business.

I believe the number one difference between a failed business and one that succeeds is determination and persistence.

Every big business start with small beginnings.

The same is true for internet marketers, those that stick through the long and slow ride at the beginning can reap the benefits for years to come.

To make that beginning journey a little shorter in the online business try to find a niche that has low competition.

If you try to jump in on the mobile phone market, not to say it can't be done, but as an independent blogger, you will be looking at a very long and slow ride to success.

Tip#7- Once you found what you believe to be an excellent niche start by writing a hit list for possible blogs you write.

If you find that you have no problem finding about 30+ topics to write about within a 5-10 minutes then that is awesome.

Are you getting stuck at 10, 11 topics and don't seem all that interested in what the topics are about then it would be time to choose another list, start over now!  Go back to tip #1.

There is nothing worse than working a website for a month or two only to find out that it will just not work for you.

Tip#8- Avoiding health or legal advice type of niches. 

avoid health and legal advice niches banner image with gavel and handcuff logo

I touched on this topic earlier as a warning of how I choose niche ideas. 

Health and Legal advice sites rarely rank well for independent bloggers.

Search engines will do their best to send people to sites that actually teach or have registered professionals in those topics before sending searches to your site.

Think about it, if you were suddenly having symptoms that may be related to a stroke, and for SOME reason you decided to do a search on the internet first. 

Google will not be wanting to send you to a site that says something like, "Oh I was having these symptoms so I took carrot juice, slept it off, I was fine the next day."

Google will want to be sure that they are sending you to a site that will say, "If you observe any of the signs determined by F.A.S.T. call 911 NOW! They will of course have an easy, brightly listed F.A.S.T. list of the signs of stroke.

The same goes for legal advice, it is very hard to rank.

Then there are all the liability implications if someone were to follow your advice and have dire outcomes.

Not to mention that most affiliate programs will not approve sites with health or legal advice due to liability concerns which, in turn,  will eliminate one of your monetization options.

Tip#9- Remember to have fun with your niche.  If you are not having fun then that spirit or atmosphere will be transmitted in your content.

Why would anybody want to read your content if you yourself is not motivated.

This should be caught in tip#1 but sometimes things we thought we were passionate about no longer excites you enough to keep going then it may be wise to just stop and go with another idea.

Never Quit! Change is good in my book as the universe needs to balance itself out so when one door closes another better one will open. That is how we evolve.

never quit evolve banner with woman walking through a door in field


This was a fun blog to write about as I constantly have new and exciting ideas I would love to pursue but just don't have enough time.

Which is another reason there is still lots of room for new affiliate marketers.

I hope you can take advantage of the 9 best niche website ideas I believe could really help any new online marketer get a good start towards a successful online business.

If the list I provided doesn't suit your fancy then be sure to review the 9 tips for choosing a niche to make sure you don't spend months on a website that will never succeed.

Do you have any amazing website niche ideas you'd like to share? Have any questions or comments? Put them down below. I would love to hear from you and I'll be sure to respond.




I have been working from home and making an amazing living for over 8 years. I started affiliate marketing about 3 years ago. If you would like to learn how to work from home and earn money as an affiliate please hit the subscribe button on the bottom of the page. Paul

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shahzad - January 20, 2019

Hi, Paul,
I read the post and its great really, very helpful and defined in a right way step by step… its good to read. The best part what I like on this page is in the end action box with red hover for join 🙂 best of luck regards, Shaz

    Paul - January 20, 2019

    Hi Shaz,
    Thank you and I am pleased you found my post to be helpful. Trying to figure out a niche website idea can be difficult when starting out so I am glad you found this post helpful.

Salim - January 20, 2019


Thanks for providing us with useful information on the niche that could really help any new online marketer get a good start towards a successful online business. It’s always a huge challenge for anyone who wants to start an online business, especially a blogger to choose a niche because everyone needs a niche that will pull enough traffic. I really appreciate your contributions towards providing us relevant detailed tips on 9 different niches.

Great job

    Paul - January 20, 2019

     Thanks. I remember it being so hard to figure out a niche that I can create a website. With the proper training and experience, it has become so much easier.



Seun Afotanju - January 20, 2019

I just started creating my websites and choosing a good niche was a tough one for me and then I came across this article that has indeed inspired and lectured me on how to get a niche from identifying my interest and passion, identifying problems I can solve and determine the profitability of my niche. Thanks a lot for this article, you made my day. 

    Paul - January 20, 2019

    I try to answer questions that I had when I tried to start an online business years ago. It was so hard to find detailed and helpful information. I hope that this information fills that gap.



Sujandar Mahesan - January 21, 2019

Choosing a niche has always been a big problem for me. I’m glad that I landed in this site because this site has some amazing ideas for niches. I personally like the sports niche because I myself interested in sports and I know a bit of stuff about sports which will come in handy while I’m writing content about it.

Thank you for helping me choose a niche.

    Paul - January 21, 2019

    I am pleased you found the information helpful. I hope you had a chance to subscribe so I can keep you up-to-date of new content and freebies. Be sure to hit the subscribe button at the bottom of this post.



Rose - January 21, 2019

Its such a shame I didn’t find this article before. anyway, its very helpful and I do want to work on a new niche and now I have very good ideas thanks to this article.

    Paul - January 23, 2019

    Excellent! I am glad you found this post helpful to find a new niche. What techniques have you used in the past?

Tanya - January 21, 2019

Thanks Paul for your advice. I have a website aimed at the wellness niche and whilst I always advise people to see their doctors and already have a medical disclaimer, it made me go back to my website and double check. I dread the thought of legal problems.

    Paul - January 23, 2019

    It’s not that it can’t be done but I prefer to avoid it. As with everything online, you must ensure to have your disclaimers in proper view for your the readers. Always suggest they consult their health care professional before trying any type of therapy or treatment. If your site is about wellness that is a safer route and should be able to rank if you approach it an original way that others are not. Wish you the best of success.

Mira - January 24, 2019

Hey Paul!

Oh, I wish I had seen this post when I was trying to find information about affiliate marketing.

You told so many great tips, really easy to follow! I have to think about that “losebellyfatman” niche, that’s awesome 😀 I have to bookmark your site to find it later. Thanks for this post 🙂

ps. and btw, this website is looking awesome!

    Paul - January 26, 2019

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