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Hey there, my name is Paul but I am also known as Googlmans online.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and I created this website to help others learn how to do what I do...earn money online $$$

Paul AWA Author

I may not be photogenic, but I know how to help people.

My first career and passion is helping people as a Registered Nurse. I have been a nurse for over 23 years now and as I near retirement I decided I wanted to start helping people in a different way.

I started my retirement planning years ago. Sure, I have saved money with registered funds and a relatively good pension plan with my day job.

Problem is, I know that it will not provide for the same, if not better lifestyle than what I am currently living.

Also I had to consider the fact that my wife is younger, she will may need to continue working once I retire and my sons are in the middle of their post secondary education. 

For those reasons, about 10 years ago, I decided to browse online for options on how to make money online.

I tried various programs and memberships over several months/years that promised to get me to a 6 figure in no time with training and 1:1 by paying an up front fee.

Only to be sent useless e-books with information gathered then pasted from other sites around the internet.

Or I would be sent to membership platforms and information that were over a decade old that where no longer relevant.

I did not give up though, I finally landed on a platform that sounded like there may be a chance that it was legit.

At least it was free to try and they did not need any credit card information to register.

You may be asking...

Is it not too late to start an online business? Hasn't that boat sailed already?

My answer is always "No"

My answer is "NO" for a couple of reasons:

  • 1
    The population is continuously growing along with the number of products that are being sold online. Back when I started shopping online, it was relatively new and most people were suspicious about online purchases. Now it is easier than ever to order online. Now most people prefer online shopping and will do an online research, read reviews on other sites than the one selling the product...that is where I, an affiliate marketer comes in to provide quality reviews and the best recommendations.
  • 3
    It is now easier than ever to create a website with blogs or reviews. When I started I would have to do a lot of HTML coding to create my website and make it work in a half decent way. Now it is easy to create awesome websites,  as easy as using a smartphone app with click and drag type of interface.

You can look at proof of income below from many affiliate marketers when they have access to the right training, support, and web-hosting platform.

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Proof of income

I have helped hundreds of people along their journey to their online success.

Every day I receive emails from that very same platform  - Wealthy Affiliate 

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Then there are the awesome testimonials and messages from those that I have helped over the years. Knowing that I have helped people find a platform that really helps them and I can support them along their journey to online success is in itself the best reward. 

People like Rachel:

Success Testimonial at Wealthy Affiliate

You may have a similar story as mine.

You are probably here to look for ways to make some extra money. You have to realize that success online is not something that happens overnight.

So if you are doing this just for the money you will not succeed. You will have many barriers and put in a lot of hours in the beginning with little rewards. 

It is within the first few months that people give up on affiliate marketing as they don't see the rewards in relation to the work they put in.

In most cases you wan't see any successful affiliate commissions until 3 to 6 months in, and even then it may not be enough to cover your expenses.

That is why you need to have a better reason to start doing online affiliate marketing. 

My "Reason", My "What", My "Goal" is to have the ability to quit my job and be in control of my time. No longer put in time for dollars.

My "How" is by earning passive income while helping others.

That is exactly what I am doing with creating websites like this one. 

It is that goal and ability to help others that get me through the barriers and continue on to reaching my goal.

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