Top 9 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work

...for 95% of beginners.

It’s not whether affiliate marketing actually works or not.

It’s mostly about the fact that you may end up being one of the 95% of affiliate marketers that fail at affiliate marketing every day.

Of that 95%, the majority will fail within the first year if not in the first few months, around the 4-6 month period.

So if you are interested in affiliate marketing, what can you do about not become another affiliate failure?

Should you become an affiliate marketer?

Let’s look at the top 9 reasons why new affiliate marketers fail so you can avoid becoming another statistic or decide if it is something you want to do.

1-Want Money-Fast!

People that start internet marketing want money fast!

There are no doubt thousands of videos and blogs all over the internet that convince people they can make money fast as an affiliate marketer.

You will see titles that read something like, " See How I made $2000 per day in my first week as an affiliate marketer",  " I made $100,000 my first year as an affiliate with no effort”, or “ I make $1000 with no website and no work”.

It’s those type of headlines or videos that convince a person that if that blogger or vlogger can do it then so can I.

Those online marketers are not stupid, they know how to market their product or their own affiliate links.

Unfortunately, many of the supports or offers they promote are of little value.

The marketers just want to make a quick sale and move on to their next marketing scheme.

The beginner will start their online business with the mindset that they just need to plop a few pictures on a website, say some things about it, and they are off to the races.

In reality affiliate marketing does not work that fast. 

Even if you are an experienced marketer, one that knows exactly what to do will take months if not years to see their website become profitable.

There are many steps to take to get a website to become mature, trusted, and authoritative. 

That is exactly where most new affiliate marketers fail. 

The majority of the newbies will quit within the first 4 months because they just do not have the support required to follow through the whole process.

They see the Wix or GoDaddy commercials where people build a website with a few clicks but quickly realize they don't have the ability to figure out how to build a basic website even with all the tools that are easier and available today.

Then those popular website builder sites don't tell you that those sites they are showing in the commercial have no value for affiliate marketers.

Another reason people quit early is because they have a job mindset where they are used to getting money for time they put in at work.

When you become an affiliate marketer with a blog site you will not get paid for the work you put in for a long time.

It is a business that requires a lot of patience.

2-They Can Do Everything

New Affiliates think they can do multiple sites at once.

At the onset, many new affiliates will have lots of energy and adrenaline pumping through their veins at the idea that they can make millions. 

All those videos and whatever scam site they decided to sign-up with now have them thinking they can become the next online business mogul with little effort.

They can now take over the world so they start a website, they get a few blogs on there and feel like they got this.

So they start another niche site, write a few blogs, and start another, and so on.

Now they have a few websites where they should be writing a minimum of 2 to 3 blogs per week.

Instead, they may only get 1 out every 2 weeks for each website.

Not only is this frequency too low for a new site but they are only writing short blogs to save on time as well.

They now have spread themselves too thin so their websites never get ranked in search engines properly and they don't get traffic.

Now that they have done all that work with no increase in rankings or traffic they give up.

3-Too Much Competition

Niche with too Much competition

Choosing a high competition niche.

Similar to reason #2 many people will choose a niche about a subject that is either too popular or too broad.

Popular Niche:

  • People are tempted by the big market sales like sports shoes, popular brand electronics, or smartphones.
  • The problem with highly popular niche subjects, not only are you competing against huge companies with unlimited funding that focus all their marketing on their products but you are also competing against the other millions of bloggers that have the same idea.

Broad Niche:

  • Others will choose a niche that is too broad, like broad categories in electronics, recipes, fashion, or home decorating.
  • Having such broad niches is very hard to rank against those that narrow their niche within those categories.

4-It's Good Enough

New Affiliate marketers don't create great content.

A lot of new marketers will not have much experience researching and writing long text.

Some are quite frankly too lazy to proofread their work even if there is a multitude of spell checkers and grammar tools available.

You don't have to have a doctorate in English literature or whichever language you are writing in.

Actually, it is highly suggested to write blogs at a grade 6 and conversational level so that the majority of people around the globe can read your information with ease.

Let's face it, most people, including myself, that search things on the internet want answers fast and not have to think too hard.

One thing that is not well tolerated by readers is seeing blogs that are riddled with spelling and grammar errors throughout the whole website.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many beginners with sites like these and it is difficult to let them know that having that many errors does not instill confidence with their audience.

It is really important to proofread your blogs, put it through a spellchecker, use a tool like Grammarly, and have someone read it before publishing if you have to.

Those that have this difficulty with writing may not know that tools like that exist and so their websites get no traffic and they end up quitting.

5-Join Scams

man holding credit card head down in despair in front of laptop joined scam

New online marketers get inpatient and try to find shortcuts.

 A scam here, a scam there, a scam everywhere.

There is no place like the internet to find a scam lurking around every click.

I've had conversations with bloggers where they have started with what they thought to be a wise investment. 

The platform sounded to be good to be true but they were so convincing. 

All they had to do is fork a few thousand dollars, somewhere in the $2000-$3000 range and they would be provided with an already created website.

All they had to do is pay $2000-$3000 upfront to get access to this already built and profitable website.​

Apparently, the websites they were selling were making over $3000/month so they would make their money back after the first month.

Sounds too good to be true, right?  I mean look at all those people on their sofas holding up cheques.

Once they paid and had access to their website they quickly found out that they were scammed.

The sites were basically a mish-mash of images and links to various products that nobody wanted, let alone, getting any traffic to those sites.

They were basically sold a website that the scammers likely put together in a couple of minutes for which they charged an exorbitant amount of money.

Then those scammers just closed up shop when the heat from upset customers got too hot. Only for them to just start under a different name, website, and marketing strategy.

Scammers really give the legit platforms a difficult time to earn the trust back from their online audience. 

The term, "A sucker is born every day", still holds true today.

6-Become The Scammer

Inpatient to make money, people create their own schemes to make money fast.

Many new affiliate marketers are so revved up to make money fast that they sign up to every possible affiliate program or network they can find.

Then they start writing reviews on every merchant's product they are affiliated with whether they know anything about it or not.

They start writing about these products with the only intent to make a sale.

There are videos out there that tell people they don't need to know anything about what they are reviewing.

They are told all they need to do is choose a product, go to sites like Amazon or Walmart and use the information within the review or comment sections for that product and use that for their website's content.

The new affiliates are not taught proper marketing techniques and don't think about their readers.

All they want is that quick sale!

So now those people that may have been scammed in the past have now become the scammers.

Sites like these can make money for a little while but it's not long before people become wise to their tactics. 

On a side note, the problem with product review sites is that most of these products become outdated within a year, or within months if it is about electronics.

So that affiliate marketer not only has to add new content but also need to update all their old content.

So even if those sites are profitable many quit because it's just too much work to maintain.


guy distracted by cell phone causes failure at affiliate marketing

Life gets in the way to complete daily tasks.

We touched a little on this point in section 2 where people will spread themselves too thin trying to create too many websites at once.

Yet there are so many other distractions that cause a whole lot more harm. 

The mere fact that affiliate marketing can be so profitable and successful is because billions of people are on the internet for hours a day.

It is easy to get distracted by when doing research for a blog or trying to figure out how to add something to your website.

Before you know it you've spent an hour or two looking for a specific way to create an image for a website only to end up watching cat videos.

Internet surfing habits are hard to break.

8-Poor Planning

They don't plan their day, week, or month to reach attainable goals. 

Many new affiliates will treat their online marketing sites as a hobby instead of a business.

This leads people to make excuses to themselves for not completing tasks that would allow them to move on to the next goal.

Not having the right mindset will ultimately lead to failure. Many times they will end up blaming the platform or training they were using.

People will make excuses why they did not succeed at affiliate marketing such as they joined a scam, it was all too technical, they had no time, or the market is saturated, it's too late.

It's like when your alarm goes off in the morning. 

If you are like me, the alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button.

Then you lay there think, you start rationalizing why you don't need to get up again, calculating how much more time can you stay in bed before you know it the alarm goes off again.

It's the same with blogging or affiliate marketing, if you don't have a plan when you do have some time to work on your site you come up with excuses why you don't need to work at it right now.

9-Quit Too Soon

If affiliates don't see money in the first few weeks or months they quit.

It's not only the lack of money in the beginning that make people quit.

They may also be checking their traffic in Google analytics or other analysis and don't see much traffic coming to their site.

The fact that they don't see traffic, don't see any money for weeks or months of work make them question their decision.

Most will quit within the first 4 months of starting their website.

If they did what most online educators suggest for ranking, if they quit at 4 months they are likely quitting just at the time when their site starts seeing an exponential increase in traffic.

They quit just in time for successful affiliates to scoop in, buy their site on the cheap and flip it to a highly successful site.

Affiliate marketing is a long term project.

It can take about 35 weeks before the full ranking of your posts or site can be determined.

If most new affiliates would stay another 4-5 months longer their sites may actually have started seeing success.

How To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer

How To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer

It's one thing to learn why people fail but what exactly can you do to succeed?

An online business is no different than any other business. 

You need to have the mindset to be fully committed to making your business a success

Sometimes people need to have a feeling that if they don't succeed at their business they won't be able to feed their family or keep their home. 

Once the pressure is on to succeed, most people will do everything and anything to make that business a success.

So stop looking at it as though it is a hobby

1-Write A Contract To Yourself

Start by making a contract to yourself, it doesn't need to be too long. 

Write it or print it out and post it where you can see it every day.

There have are a number of research papers associated with this practice where just by writing down a contract with yourself will help you to follow through and succeed.

Here's mine.

I will create a very helpful, legitimate blog for affiliate marketers and monetize it to the point that it can replace my spouse's full-time job (so she can retire) within one year.

2-Create A Vision Board

Creating a vision board can help you avoid distractions and procrastination. 

A vision board can be a simple poster made with cardboard and cutouts of images, photos, or text that can sum up your ultimate goals for running an online business.

Place it in front of your TV, cable box, video game console, whatever it is that distracts you day to day.

Then when you physically have to move that vision board you have to make a conscious decision of why you are willing to give up on your dreams.

If you really need a break, which is also required, be sure to keep that vision board in view while you take your break.

If it is out of view, it will be out of mind and before you know it you will be making excuses why you don't need to get back to work on your website.

3-Create A Plan

Whether it be put on a scrap piece of paper or a full out business plan, just make sure you have a plan written down.

Without a plan you risk to lead yourself to distractions or looking for other ways to earn money online before completing your current project.

Not having a plan can lead you to bounce around from one idea to another without reaching full potential in any marketing plan.

Success in online marketing takes time, so if you never commit to one project it will never be able to mature enough to give your site the momentum it needs to go up that steep hill to success.

Your plan needs to be attainable.

If you create a plan with grand goals then you may be setting yourself up to fail.

Create a plan that is realistic. Be honest with yourself.

Make sure it can be measurable so you can see if you are meeting your goals within the timeline you have given it. 

Then evaluate your success, if you succeed to complete goals then you know you are moving forward. 

Those tasks or goals that were not attained in the initial plan can be added to the next, again remembering you need to keep it realistic.

The key is to remember that you are completing tasks towards your ultimate goal. 

If you need to take a few more days to get there then so be it. 

At least you are moving forward instead of going in circles in the same spot.

My short term plan currently has a number of checkboxes with the number of blogs I need to create for my website by the end of the month.

 I also added a task to start creating videos, starting with an easy introductory video.

I know my first videos will be horrible and I will have a difficult time posting them for feelings of embarrassment. 

I had the same feeling when I started blogging but now it doesn't even phase me in the slightest way.

Click Here to See Your Guide To Creating a Business Plan

4-Get Training And Support

Having a mentor is a key factor in determining success with an online business.

It doesn't matter how you get trained or supported but if you've never received any affiliate marketing education other than reading blogs like these then you will not succeed.

The hardest part is finding training and support where they are not just trying to get a bunch of your cash to give you information of little value.

There are lots of scammers out there but you will find lots of legitimate services or platforms out there as well.

You just need to figure out the weeds from the flowers, sort of speak.

I use a training, support, and a hosting platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson have one of the best platforms to help affiliate marketers reach their full potential.

Another legitimate site I can recommend is Income School.  

Jim and Ricky have Project 24, which is training geared so that you can replace your current job income within 24 months with passive income from your online business.

Both sites will have you go through stages or steps towards increasing understanding what it takes to succeed with affiliate marketing.

The owners of both platforms started as individual bloggers just like any other blogger starting in affiliate marketing.

The difference is they didn't give up.

They worked at increasing traffic to their niche sites and figured out the recipe to that make most of their sites successful.

There is no guarantee that you will succeed. Even they have some sites that haven't succeeded but in the whole, they are now making 7 figure incomes.

Their online schools is a culmination of experience and test results to help you avoid mistakes they made.

 Bonus Resources

Start Your Affiliate Training Now

If you are going to sign up to a training program, you should expect the same training and support that I have at Wealthy Affiliate.

I've been there for over 3 years because I know it is a legitimate platform and other should have the same as shown in the following list.

An affiliate training platform should include:


-Beginners Training -The basics of how affiliate marketing works

-Task based training to put the training into practice

-Step by Step training to building and setting up your website

-Grasp the technique of creating valuable content

-Attain social engagement mastery

-Acquire the knowledge on how to monetize your website

-Access to thousands of training videos and hundreds of lessons



-24/7 technical support

-Live chat with access to thousands of affiliate marketing experts and like-minded affiliates

-Weekly webinars to stay up to date with the latest news and ask the experts


-Premium hosting service for your websites

-Host up to 25 Domains and another 25 free websites

-24/7 Access to  server administration

-Hosting speeds of Amazon c3.large (faster)

-30GB website space

-Site builder included

-Unlimited data transfer

-500k visitors/month bandwidth

-Full redundancy with daily backups of your websites

-Website staging environment

-Unlimited email accounts

-BotNet and enterprise security

-Website feedback and comments

WordPress Website:

-Access WordPress website builder, the most powerful and most used website creator available worldwide.

-Access thousands of already created themes to suit your niche

-Choose from thousands of plugins to customize your site

Keyword Research Tool:

-Search keywords, analyze your competition

-Create and manage powerful lists of keywords for your niche site

-Track your ranking history and your website authority

-Uncover millions of niche ideas and their related keywords

-Find affiliate programs related to your niche keywords

-Brainstorming tool to research trends for popular and lucrative ideas.


Domain Registry:

-Discover domain names for your niche site

-Purchase domain sites related to your niche and keywords

-Register and secure your domain name with Whois Guard

-Transfer your domain name from other hosting sites

-Manage your domain and your WordPress sites all from one easy to use platform

-Review all your website's health

Affiliate Program:

-Offers an unrivaled affiliate program so others can learn about affiliate marketing

Create Your Business Plan

Before beginning any business it is recommended that you make a plan or, at least, write a small business plan.

Having a business plan available from the start is a valuable asset for any business owner no matter how much you know about the product or service.

The reason you want a business plan can vary depending on what type of business you are considering to start or already running.

You can look at it as being a sales document or pamphlet, like a brochure to a nice exotic place.

Your plan will confidently inform people understand what your business is all about, in a clean and concise manner, and with the enthusiasm that your business will succeed.

The plan will also show that you have the level of dedication that is needed to make your business successful.

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Depending on the type of business the plan can include information on the owner, location, type of services or products, the expected number of customers and potential net income.

It is a document that will explain to potential investors that you are well worth the investment as you show present and future outcomes.

Once you have decided what type of business you would like to start but before you begin buying equipment or tools, before you start any other part of setting up your business, you should be preparing your business plan.

Honestly, I look at a business plan similar to preparing for a holiday trip.

A roadmap from where you are starting to where you want to be.

animated man standing on a map to describe roadmap to success

Sure you can wing it, jump in your car and drive, but if you didn’t plan it right, you may be left stranded on the side of the road, with a flat tire, empty gas tank and no money left in your pockets.

To plan your ‘Business Trip” you’ll probably have your brochure with all the beautiful pictures and one-liners to give a good outline of what to expect from your business.

Similarly to having a map, you can have an overview of where you are starting from and where you expect to be at specific points along the way.

Of course, you will need a calendar with dates marked where you expect to be on specific dates along your way, providing you opportunities to review your plan to ensure you do not get lost or sidetracked to reaching your goals.

Then there is always the need for the wallet, the moola, the financial part, how much you need to get started and operate, and how much you or your investor expects to make from the business.

If you don’t need investors then sometimes writing a business plan is just for yourself.

Again, mainly to ensure you have a plan and understand the challenges you may meet on the way so you can deal with them and allow you to review it on an ongoing basis to stay the course.

A proper business plan should allow you to anticipate many obstacles you may encounter on the way and work through them with the tools you’ve prepared in advance.

Need Money to Start Your Business? Have your Business Plan Ready!

Some are not so fortunate to start a business without getting some financial backing. In such cases, most lending institutions will not even look at you if you don’t have a proper business plan in place.

As mentioned earlier, having a business plan prepared in advance of meeting your potential investors shows confidence and dedication in making your business venture a success.

Let’s summarize the reasons for a business plan.

  • Describe your business clearly for yourself and/or for lenders and investors
  • Understand the steps required to set up and run your business
  • Recognize obstacles that you are likely to meet along the way
  • Have a plan in place if or when your business grows
  • Prepare for selling or transferring your business
  • Ok now for the how to write a business plan.

    Most business plans use common sections to be successful. You may require to add or remove some sections by considering what type of business you are planning to start.

    Common Sections Of A Business Plan

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Operational Plan
  • Analysis of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and possible obstacles
  • Human resources requirements
  • Plan for social responsibility
  • Online Business Strategy
  • Show me the money! Financial forecasts
  • Strategy for leaving or selling the business

  • Ok, you may be thinking, “That it is a lot of sections! Do I really want to start a business?”

    Man holding his chin up with his hand to describe if he should start a business

    That question would be a good indication to see if you are ready to take on this new challenge.

    Sure there may be many sections to fill out, but if you are passionate about making your business succeed, this is a very important first step on the path to success.

    Alright, let’s get down to business at seeing what each of those sections have within them.

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see that some sections can be quite short and that is an important point.

    You don’t want to overcomplicate your plan.

    When writing your plan you want to pretend that the person reading it has never heard of the type of business you are planning to start.

    Keep it simple and to the point.

    Here is an example of a business plan Executive Summary, keep it short and simple at 2 pages or less.

    (Keep in mind that the name “WeCare4U” is fictional for example purposes only)

    Executive Summary For WeCare4U

    Our Mission

    WeCare4U provides high-level, in home care services to help keep families comfortably together at home. Our team of superior caregivers will ensure your family receives the same level of care you would expect to give yourself.

    The Company and Management

    WeCare4U is headquartered in the City of Hereweare and incorporated in the State of Somewhere. The company is owned by Josh Sycamore. Josh is a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience in the home health care service industry. 

    Josh is the manager of the company but has hired an incredible team of advisers with the experience in the healthcare field to provide management expertise.


    1. Jason Lowe, RPN extended class
    2. Lucie Bonne, accountant
    3. Jennifer Lawson, communications.


    Our clients are caregivers of family and friends that require assistance while they take a much needed rest from providing 24/7 care and supervision.

    All these services are provided in the comfort of the client's home.

    The services may include:

    • personal care
    • assistance with instrumental activities of daily living
    • respite care
    • nursing care
    • sitters
    • shift nursing

    Our Market

    The increase in the percentage of seniors living across North America is growing every day.

    With that daily growth increase, there is an increased need to provide care for people with special needs due to health decline.

    Market research shows a 10% growth in health care services year over year. In 10 years we will see the amount of people needing care services to go from the current 10 million to 100 million people.  

    The research has also shown that almost 100% of those people would prefer to have the care in their own home instead of moving to a care facility.

    Our Competitive Advantage

    Although the current market appears to be saturated by caregiver companies only our company can provide the service and support of an RPN.

    This represents a huge advantage over other companies that rely on outside GP consultation.

    Requiring the person of need of care to attend external clinics at the schedule of the clinic.

    WeCare4U avoids scheduling to see a medical professional.

    Our company takes care of it all from basic sitter service to performing medical procedures in the home, we have you covered.

    Finance Projections

    The size of the market in the area would allow for a gross income of  $100,000,000 in the first year.

    With the projected percentage of increase in care needs our gross income would also increase at 10% for the next 10 years.

    The owner /manager will have a start up salary of $80,000 with a bonus of 10% per year if growth predictions are met.

    The company already has 400 customers receiving various levels of care. The current rate of requests is exceeding the availability of staffing resources.

    Finance Request for Start-up

    We are requesting $200,000 to finance the next quarter to meet the current demands. The owner has already invested $100,000 to cover initial capital costs.


    Now you don't need to worry about becoming another affiliate marketer failure statistic by recognizing the mistakes others have made.

    Here 9 reasons why people fail to do affiliate marketing  with success:

    1. Impatient for their first pay cheque
    2. Try to do more than they can handle
    3. Attempt to beat the BIG companies
    4. Create poor quality content
    5. Join various scams
    6. Create scam type content
    7. Get distracted by other flashy promises
    8. Poor Planning
    9. Quitting too soon

    Here are 4 steps to take to be successful at affiliate marketing:

    1. Write a contract to yourself
    2. Create a vision board
    3. Construct a solid plan
    4. Access a robust training platform

    I hope that all this information will help you succeed at affiliate marketing. It's never too late to start a business and that still holds true for affiliate marketing.

    Do you have any questions or comments? I would love to hear them, please write them down below. I respond to all of them.




    I have been working from home and making an amazing living for over 8 years. I started affiliate marketing about 3 years ago. If you would like to learn how to work from home and earn money as an affiliate please hit the subscribe button on the bottom of the page. Paul

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    Michael Overzat - January 15, 2019

    wow this article had a lot of relevant content in there. affiliate marketing is no joke and should be approached like a longterm goal. I think that’s the biggest reason people fail at anything in life. They underestimate the amount of effort it is going to take for them to be successful. 

    What sort of success have you seen with affiliate marketing? Were you actually able to replace an entire income stream by doing it? Were you able to quit your job. I guess the sky is the limit but what is realistic in a 1 year, 2 year period of time? 

      Paul - January 15, 2019

      Hey Michael,

      I still haven’t reached my ultimate goal of replacing our income but we are stepping closer and closer each day.

      Affiliate marketing definitely provides the opportunity to create a comfortable living. With billions of transactions happening every day all you need is a small percentage to become a millionaire or billionaire.

      Realisticly how fast you progress all depends on how well you can stay focused, remain goal orientated, and keep heading for that goal. I’ve seen people make good profits in a few months, others can take years but they ultimately do make it if they don’t quit.



    Clement - January 15, 2019

    Thank you for this resourceful post, I can’t agree less with you with all the vital points you have highlighted above. I think one of the reason for failure for beginners is the get rich quick mindeset they have about affiliate marketing. Everyone should understand that it takes time and hard work to build an online business 

      Paul - January 15, 2019

      The get rich quick, or fast money with affiliate marketing is one of the biggest reasons people end up failing. They seem to have this illusion that affiliate marketing can be quick and easy.

      Aswith everything some people can make it look easy but in general, it takes work and time. The work part isn’t all that bad seeing that you can do it from anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. 

      For that reason, affiliate marketing is well worth the work and effort at the beginning for long term gain in the end.



    Grace - January 15, 2019

    Personally, I have seen many people calling get rich quick scam, but when they are presented with a real opportunity that requires hard work, they back down. 

    I think having the right mindset is really important and stick to one teaching as a beginner. Following too many advice will only result in confusions and in the end, the person simply gives up or seeking an easy way out becoming a scammer as you have pointed out.

    Thanks for sharing your view on this subject, every newbie should read this before they start their affiliate business. 

      Paul - January 15, 2019

      It sure is easy to call an online platform or program a scam when they don’t to follow the direction and fail. Similarly, people can say the same about University or college programs. When people are unable to follow the program or complete the tasks and fail, they don’t call Universities or colleges scams. Yet thousands of people fail at those institutions every day, but many succeed to with successful careers but it takes hard work and time.

      If you are a beginner, don’t look at others that are further ahead of you. Follow one program, follow it through and take it one step at a time. 



    Telma - January 15, 2019

    Hey Paul, thank for so powerful and informative article. The problem is really that people when coming Affiliates program, want just to make money and faster and do not want to work hard. We need to be persistent, follow our training, ask a question, help others, be kind, generous. This way we will succeed, this way in the future we will be celebrating our big victory. A lot of people will try to scam as, so is up to us to resist and stay away.

    I am very happy to be found Wealthy Affiliate and biting into my life. I don’t know a better platform, better community or better way to open your own business. I now with WA we will have a better future. 

    Thank you so much for a beautiful and educational business.



      Paul - January 15, 2019

      Hey Telms,

      I think many new affiliates get pulled and pushed in so many directions that many lose sight of their goals. I am no exception. I fell for so many of those reasons why people fail at affiliate marketing myself. The difference is I didn’t stop. I took those individual failures and chalked it up as experience. I would have preferred to have skipped those failures, but then again I may have to confront them again in the future, so this time I will be prepared. 

      That is why I wrote this blog. To show people starting affiliate marketing that there are many paths to success as long as you climb over the obstacles you can still get to your goal if you don’t give up.



    Daniel - January 15, 2019

    I honestly think that this article is great and full of helpful information. If I read this 2 years ago I would be very successful today. I am one of those people who wanted results immediately but I learned the lesson and I can say that affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to earn money online. Patience is the key, I saw my first results after 5 months and I am very satisfied with how my business is evolving.

      Paul - January 16, 2019

      I hear ya. Should of, would of, could of, type of scenario.  Don’t look back and keep moving forward 1 step at a time and you will get to the top.



    Jean - January 15, 2019

    Wow! That is one the best articles I have run into about why people fail in affiliate marketing. Indeed, most people want results fast and don’t want to put the work in. They are lazy and always want the easy way out. They don’t have the tenacity to maintain;so they quit soon. Anyway, keep dropping that good content.

      Paul - January 16, 2019


      Keep writing 🙂



    Jason - January 15, 2019

    I did at least 3 of these when I started 4 years ago and I’m glad I stuck it out. I almost quit too soon, I joined scams and I also took on to much at one time while working a fulltime job. Actually, the only thing I’ve done correctly is to stay with it and follow my dreams.

    Best Regards


      Paul - January 16, 2019

      Glad to hear you stuck it out, Jason.



    Michael - January 15, 2019

    I couldn’t agree more that many of these reasons are why people fail at affiliate marketing. I think the 3 main ones that I think get people the most though is they either quit, get distracted, or joins scams.

    Because once you have a proven formula for success you simply have to work hard, not give up or get distracted to do well.

    On average though, say someone did everything you mentioned in this post, how long would it probably take for a complete beginner to start generating a consistent income online?

      Paul - January 16, 2019

      If you follow the formula for building a good niche site that helps people, with quality content, beginners can start earning an income within 3 to 6 months. It can take longer for some and faster for others. Some will use pay-per-click routes that can boost results much faster but can decrease their profits.




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